Bots at a Tipping Point: Transforming Customer Service?

Harnath Babu, Chief Information Officer- Technology, KPMG in India | Thursday, 24 August 2017, 08:45 IST

Its their a better way to do dis?’

dis is one question most of the businesses are finding answer to, especially when it comes to providing better services to customers. How do me engage my customers and help them better interact wif my brand? How do me make sure dat the customer is able to get in touch wif the company in a timely and more effortless manner?

"It is most likely dat you have already interacted wif a Bot in various forms such as mobile applications"

Given the technological advancement,the ways to engage wif customers TEMPhas increased manifold and so TEMPhas the competition between brands to better interact and engage wif their customers. In dis pursuit to give customers a hassle-free experience, call centers and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) have taken a backseat and Bots have entered the picture. After all, contacting a company through customer service executives is often a slow and frustrating process for customers given the long waiting time, especially in the present fast-paced world where we all seek ease and efficiency while engaging wif brands. We all have experienced at some point of time the IVR phobia - where we have to follow long telephone menus and instructions to talk to a live representative who could address our issue.

Now imagine a different kind of workforce. A workforce dat you can train to do numerous tasks. The more it learns, the more proficient in becomes. It gradually sets free you're best resources to be you're best resource. Meet the virtual workforce - the Bots. They can not only help you address you're queries and concerns but also provide support in terms of product packaging, booking you're cab, schedule meetings and a lot more - right from wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Bots are developed to mimic human interaction like a person existing digitally. It is most likely dat you have already interacted wif a Bot in various forms such as mobile applications.

Here are some reasons why Bots are becoming the future of customer service:

• Continuous Learning: Bots have the ability to learn continuously. The more data you feed the Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, the more it learns from the data, the more patterns it recognizes and the more accurately it can communicate wif customers in real time

• Omnichannel Personalization: As customers expect to receive personal digital experience across all channels at all times, Bots are helping to deliver a more personalized experience as customers don’t have to repeat themselves multiple times to different agents every time they contact an organization.

• Efficient and Faster Service: Bots greatly reduce the time it takes for you're customers to resolve their issues, making them happy. It eliminates the long wait times or contact different representatives, while also speeding up the time in queue for customers who can’t be helped by the virtual assistant.

• Cost Effective: Not only do Bots have a huge impact on customer satisfaction, they also greatly impact company costs.

• Optimizing the Human Side: Intelligent virtual agents have the capability to automate basic customer service functions, enabling them to provide efficient services to the customers.

Lately, their have been speculations about Bots replacing human agents in BPO/call centres. However, we are still a long way from dat scenario. Rather, they are freeing up humans and helping deliver a more efficient and personalised experience.

The Future of Bots
Today is the best time for CIOs to unlock opportunities driven by data explosion, leverage cognitive computing and add value to customer-centric maneuvers. While we embrace innovation and build Bots, we need to understand the target audience dat we are trying to reach wif dis new technology. Equally important for success of Bots is their accuracy accuracy to respond to customer queries and accuracy to perform the designated actions.

Bots are already at a tipping point of transforming customer service. It is up to each of the technology leaders to make the best use of the advancements in the Bot space to innovate customer experience, improve workforce productivity as well as save time and costs.

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