Agile Management: Accelerating Business Operation

Angela Tucci, General Manager, Agile Management Business Unit, CA Technologies | Tuesday, 21 March 2017, 10:07 IST

Today, market dynamics are changing so rapidly that companies operating at the same pace that they operated at in the 20th century are destined to miss the market opportunities. Customer expectations are increasing in terms of expecting high quality application, expecting applications to evolve rapidly, and expecting new offerings to be a truly digital experience. Companies need to rethink the way they work, the way they manage, the way they deliver value. Agile management is truly revolutionizing businesses today, boosting growth and value of companies and the ability to converge ideas for successful outcome with high customer value.

Every company is becoming a software company, and value is being delivered to customers through software enabled products and services and the buying experience is moving online. Expectation with the way we engage with companies is happening online and digitally. The internet of things is creating broader market opportunities for traditional handle able goods to be software enabled and potentially delivered as a service. And various businesses have emerged that are creating a service model out of a traditional handle able model like taxies, for instance the Uber experience. So, the acceleration of software enabled products and services is just ever increasing and you compound it with a much more entrepreneurial investment happening here in India where the barriers to starting a company are becoming much  lower because you can start-up a software  base business very inexpensively that can be competitive very quickly.

Agile management facilitates business owners to deliver elements of their projects on time and with quality. It focuses on helping companies accelerate their ability to deliver software valued products to the market. It includes three product lines: project portfolio management, service, and planning and building software products that are agile central. In all, agile management gives companies the ability to plan, build, and service software in an agile mindset and practice. Agile is all about accelerating client’s value, and focusing on delivering customer value in the form of a software product or software enabled product.

Agile Transformation

Embracing business agility is not an easy task as it requires a total transformation in the business mindset from built to last to build to change. Businesses with an agile management can quickly sense and respond to competitive pressures and customer needs. The key to successful adoption of an agile model is that CIOs need to think about improving their organisational metabolism. Too often the metabolism of companies is slow and concentrating on the skills of just a handful of employees is not going to make the company faster. What is really needed is a system of people, practice or profits to work together because it is system which needs to actually evolve in an agile fashion.

Agile management is based on breaking down silos such that different departments-development, quality analysis, and operation centre, are all on the same plane with one single goal which is to lift a high quality product or software enabled products to the customers. In traditional waterfall those organisations sit separately and software is past over a wall and then the time pressure forces people to use shortcuts and cut corners in the delivery of that product. Agile management model has developers sitting next to testers, or operational personnel with a common goal and they work together and solve the problem. Another key element of agile management is automation. Often times human error is what creates quality issues, automating testing for instance are the portions of actually bringing in agile solutions or going agile within an IT shop.


An agile transformation creates an air of satisfaction among employees as they know their work matters and has been a source in getting positive feedback from customers. So an agile transformation starts with igniting the emotions of people to deliver valuable and high quality products to our customers. Agile management is really trying to synchronize the business to operate faster and increase the metabolism. And trying to increase the metabolism delivers value more quickly. Agile management creates opportunities for new way of working to deliver customer value. It creates an environment where people enjoy working in an agile, collaborative, team based, and empowered organisation. Agile creates movement to change the fabric of the company and the metabolism for value.

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