DMX Technologies (India) Bolstering IT Infrastructure through a centralized suite

CIOReview Team | Tuesday, 21 March 2017, 10:15 IST

The overall software-as-a-service (SaaS) market is expected to grow up to $164.29 billion by 2022. Keeping in pace with the global market developments, Indian entrepreneurs and organisations are opening up to new ways of utilizing IT and are showing keen interest in embracing new technologies and service delivery models. Automation, convenience, CFOs’ preference of OpEx over CapEx clubbed with the sheer size and variety of the Indian market space are among the factors greatly influencing the growth of SaaS solutions’ in India. As the SaaS market continues on its path to achieve phenomenal growth, the role of SaaS solution providers becomes even more critical in paving the way for SMBs as well as large enterprises to move towards consumption and optimize on SaaS offerings. Clients not only expect the SaaS solution providers to offer them with a wide catalogue of services, advanced technology based offerings but also flexible pricing schemes and payment options along with complete responsibility of service reliability.

Keeping up with the current customer preferences of SaaS model adoption, Bangalore based DMX Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd., have embarked on an online journey to make software solutions available on cloud in SaaS model. The Country Head, DMX India, Satish Kumar V delineates that DMX India has been offering solutions in the IT Infrastructure Management space under the flagship brand name “Everest” for over a decade now, which in turn has resulted in building and maintaining a highly satisfied customer base across the South East Asian market.

USP: Simple, Effective and Easy Adoption

However, as the market becomes proliferated with a number of industry players from the arena of software solutions leading to continuous addition in the list of SaaS solution providers, a lot of competition has been created. Therefore it becomes imperative for each player to bring in their USPs to maintain dominance over the market. Satish Kumar says, “For us, the objective for SaaS offerings is two pronged. First, DMX India caters to the preferences of some of our existing customers to move towards SaaS model. Second, to offer SaaS solutions those are simple, effective and easy to adopt.”

Enabling Complete Visibility of IT Infrastructure

While each and every organization is forced to plan, execute and improvise on their business offerings and services to bring in value addition to their customers/consumers. Connectivity, communication and collaboration between people, systems, processes and sub-organizations right from regional to the global level has become the de-facto need of every organization today. DMX India addresses these needs of organisations today through their SaaS offering: Everest Management Suite comprising of IT Infrastructure Management and Help Desk / Service Management. These solutions enable customers to be on top of things that take place on a day-to-day basis in their organizations by providing them with complete visibility in the form of intuitive dashboards, exhaustive reports, and timely alerts along with workflow-based service management as per their internal business processes.

Everest, an end-to-end IT Infrastructure Management suite not only enables organisations expand and revamp their existing IT set-up but also helps them embrace new IT trends. This is made feasible as the suite offers a centralized, integrated and highly-effective solution for easy management of IT operations and assured optimal service delivery to end consumers.

Seamless SaaS Experience

DMX India is moving forward with the objective to provide organisations with seamless SaaS experience of traditional Everest software clubbed with a range of innovative services in the IT Infra Management space. The Everest IMS and Service Desk will be made available to all prospective customers by next quarter. The Everest team is also working towards providing a slew of niche services which will be rolled out as part of SaaS portfolio subsequently in addition to the IT Infrastructure Management and Service Desk offerings. Satish Kumar says, “Based on the customer as well as industry experience we have had, we are now poised to offer our software solutions in the SaaS model in order to address and fulfil the changing preferences of our clientele and target audience across the globe.” He concludes, “Customers can look forward to us being an integral part of their IT journey, as we will first address their immediate requirements and pain points and then subsequently offer the best-suited software solution(s) that will help them transform and adopt new technology trends with broader scope &larger scale”.

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