Suvichar Technologies Anchoring SaaS Systems to Business Productivity

CIOReview Team | Tuesday, 21 March 2017, 10:37 IST

As businesses from different levels of hierarchy get savvier with cloud software, the global market for SaaS systems continues to strengthen. This inevitably makes the role of SaaS Solution providers crucial in the process of implementation of these systems. Thus the major customer expectations revolves around the user experience/user interface, the ease of implementation, the robustness of the API and most importantly partnering with a knowledgeable solution vendor who is able to customize the system as per clients requirements.

With a clientele spread across eighty-six countries, Suvichar Technologies provides SaaS services that have both breadth and depth in terms of coverage and knowledge.The Founder and CEO of Suvichar Technologies, Vinay Joshi delineate, “We scan over hundred new SaaS apps every month to see if we should develop Kloud Connectors for that app. We understand the best practices and also the merits and demerits of each of these systems. We know APIs inside out. This makes us an ideal technology partner for any SaaS product company”. The Pune based firm provides implementation, integration, training and post-implementation support services on SaaS systems in the areas of CRM, HRMS, inventory, accounting, eCommerce, operations management, point of sale, project management, invoicing, event management, storage, expenses, intranet, email marketing and more.

Journey into SaaS connectors

Vinay Joshi, taking us through Suvichartech’s journey into SaaS Connectors says, “When we started working with SaaS systems, we realized that unless these systems are connected to each other, clients would not be able to get the full benefit of SaaS systems. The market needed a cost effective way of connecting popular SaaS systems. KloudConnectors was the answer to this problem. Our objective was to develop easy-to-use connectors between popular SaaS systems which would ensure that these systems are connected to take care of entire end-to-end business process. We started with six connectors few years back and today we have seventy-three connectors covering several systems. We also develop custom connectors and have covered more than three hundred SaaS systems so far.”

The DCCIT approach

When it comes to developing SaaS solutions, Suvichartech takes a consultative approach. For SaaS based implementation, the team follows their proprietary methodology which they call DCCIT. DCCIT deciphers into Discovery, Compare, Calibration, Implementation and Training. To dive deeper into this approach, at the discovery stage the team at Suvichartech conducts discovery workshops with the customer along with the stakeholders to understand the customers’ requirements, their stakeholders’ expectations, success criteria and others. On reaching the compare stage, the team identifies the right SaaS solution and finalize on the SaaS systems. Vinay Joshi adds,“Since, we continuously scan the market we are in the best position to advice clients on this. We also study the gaps between the proposed business processes and what is available in the SaaS systems.” Coming to the calibration stage, the team either customize the system as per the customers’ process or the changes the process. At the implementation stage the systems are implemented as per the customer requirements. After all the users of the systems are trained at the last stage, i.e. the training stage the system is handed over to the customers.

The road ahead

At Suvichartech, the team works with the ‘Customers First’ approach. Innovation in solutions and transparency in communication is at its core. Suvichartech has a strong hold over four dominant areas - cloud/SaaS apps implementation, custom application development, mobile apps and innovation labs. KloudConnectors is the first product of innovation labs. Several prototypes in IoT space and SaaS space have also been developed under this division. Envisaging the future, Vinay Joshi hopes to be recognized as a global player in the areas of cloud, mobile, AI, IoT& Social. The team at Suvichar is diligently striving to strengthen their presence in market. Suvichar is all set to delight customers in Singapore with their physical presence this year. They will gradually move to U.K. and the U.S.A.

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