CloudNow Technologies; Redefining the Data Driven Business' Approach

CIO Vendor Some times, businesses outgrow their servers leaving the management to consider a replacement or a migration to Cloud. Either ways,the dilemma is concerned with choosing between options,while having to overlook the core business. Chennai headquartered CloudNow Technologies (CNT) is a SaaS based product solution provider that aligns its proprietary software applications towards solving simple business problems. Equipped with integration capabilities in Big Data, Data Migration and Data Analytics, CNT is on a constant look out for ways to solve Data Mobility issues. System Integration and SaaS based product development are CNT’s strengths.

Bestowing the Power of GSuite and Google Cloud
CloudNow Technologies is an authorised GSuite Partner. The company provides GSuite Sales, Data Migration, Deployment, Training and Cloud Infrastructure Consulting. With reliable and productive features, GSuite apps help an organization’s workforce stay organized and collaborate any time. CNT customizes, deploys and provides the support needed,to make the most out of these apps. GSuite is a cloud-based productivity suite that provides tools and accessibility options that ease the workflow for employees and employers. Gmail for business offers 30 GB of storage per user, powerful spam filtering, BlackBerry and Outlook interoperability, with a 99.9 percent up time SLA. A web-based calendar application facilitates quick scheduling of meetings, sharing of calendars, and integrating video calls with meetings, thereby increasing employee efficiency and reducing IT infrastructure costs.

CNT leverages the power of Compute engine, App engine and BigQuery on Google Cloud Platform. With Google Cloud Platform, a business can
make use of the most powerful infrastructure,
data analytics and machine computing power that Google offers. The Compute engine allows setting up of one’s virtual machine on Google's infrastructure, there by enabling outstanding performance and security. This is carried out well within a budget, along with custom VMs. The App engine is well equipped to build a scalable web or mobile app without the need to health check or balance load,considering the servers automatically double up as load balancers for the business.

Equipped with integration capabilities in Big Data,Data Migration and Data Analytics, CNT is on a constant look out for ways to solve Data Mobility issues

CNT has to its credit a few proprietary apps such as Chutti and Akku. Chutti is a cloud-based Leave Management Application that organises, tracks and manages leave-related functions for organizations.Akku is a cloud-based tool that allows businesses to work in a controlled cloud environment,restricting access to specific URLs based on categories and channels.

It is CNT’s goal to provide actionable metrics through products driven by business intelligence and deliver dashboard based solutions. Presently, the company is looking at building products and tools that create transparency, accountability and efficiency in companies with simple interfaces that do not require any additional IT infrastructure, staffing or expertise.“Our solutions revolve around simplifying and automating workflow while giving you real time Big Data analysis that allows you to make better and quicker decisions”, concludes Madhav Sattanathan, Founder & MD, CloudNow Technologies.