Web Engage: Engage, Retain and Grow

CIO Vendor Marketing goes into doldrums with the substantial costs involved to acquire new customers. When a business considers lead generation services, marketing, and other incentives, it is easy to conclude that, while new customers are important, keeping the current customers is even more critical, and provides better return on investment. When done right, multi-channel interactions amplify the brand and ensure customer retention. One of the keys to successful multi-channel customer retention is managing all channels in a coordinated way, within the same framework to treat maintaining a single customer view customer database as critical. Based on such observations, WebEngage has built a multi-channel marketing automation tool that helps a business to focus on its product by taking care of the entire marketing communication channels emails, SMSs, and web portal. On a broader categorization, WebEngage is a powerful Marketing Cloud for consumer businesses which automates communication and improves retention across users’ life cycle. It enables cross channel user engagement via channels including Web message (notification, survey and feedback),in app message, push notification, email, text message and web push. As these are mere delivery channels, the path to reach the customer is not dependent on any one particular channel. Importance is given more to how deeply one can personalize the content and how one-to-one messaging can be dependent on the customer’s location. In more than one ways, this essentially translates to what WebEngage has always strived towards.

Marketers and retention managers have struggled with the lack of deep data personalization capabilities in systems they use. Hence, they resort to what’s easy send bulk messages with little or no personalization. Webengage is on a mission to evangelize marketers from sending the everyday quota of bulk SMSs, emails, and push notifications to real time one on one triggered communication at volume and scale.

Customizable viewing options have open up new opportunities for companies enabling them to leverage personalized data to hyper target their content, advertising, and brands. Catalyzing personalization in order to assist businesses to grow, WebEngage avails SDKs that integrate with clients’ website, Android or iOS
application. These SDKs drive the on site / in app / push engagements that one manages through WebEngage’s dashboard. The SDKs also expose APIs to track events and build user profiles. Similar other APIs and a callback interface enable customization of look and behavior of individual engagements such as notifications, survey, and feedback widget.

Enterprises have in recent times leveraged IBM, Oracle cloud and SalesForce to up their marketing game. However, a lot many of the small and medium sized customers across the globe lack the sophistication to execute retention like the enterprises do. Added to the complexities, these businesses are handicapped by the multiple tools implemented for disparate tasks. Following a very straight forward opinion, Avlesh Singh, CEO explains,“For all these businesses, the moment they wake up to retention as a problem, they are our direct customers”. Avlesh looks forward to businesses waking up to WebEngage as a solution to their problem, not just for the tools but for retention and an unlocked opportunity.

Increased the Customer Lifetime Value 3X

One of India’s leading digital platforms for local services connecting users with local businesses attracts more than 10 million diverse visitors every month. The 1200+ categories it has, cohorts with the inherent complexity of tailoring that many communication channels. The sheer volume of users along with heterogeneous user behavior across categories gives marketing strategists a tough time to retarget the right set of users with personalized communication. Retargeting the users who abandoned the lead capture form LCF),implement personalized communication at scale, and increase customer lifetime value were the challenges bugging the organization. With its cross-channel marketing orchestration capability, WebEngage allowed for creating a comprehensive workflow using triggers, flow controls, and conditions. Also, using WebEngage’s visual marketing automation tool, the ‘Journey Designer’,multiple user journeys were created with one of them focused on retargeting users. The effect of personalized communication rendered using Marketing Cloud brought significant improvement in the metrics that mattered. As a result,backed by increased customer retention and cross-selling opportunities the Customer Lifetime Value multiplied 3 folds.

Steadily marching forward on the mission to humanize all of the world's websites and mobile apps,WebEnagage is assisting thousands of customers in over 50+ countries.From enterprises like eBay,Flipkart, Plural Sight,Sendgrid, GoIbibo, Avaya, Souq to thousands of startups worldwide, WebEngage has and will continue helping them ace their customer retention strategies.