AcTouch Technologies: Comprehensive Set of SaaS Based ERP Solutions for Diverse Verticals

CIO Vendor The proliferation of cloud-based business applications is fast replacing traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems thereby enabling companies to become more flexible, mobile and Tax compliant. Consequently,CIOs need to reconstruct their approach to ERP in order to provide viable alternatives to the unwieldy,rigid, and expensive systems that have long dominated the sector. Having held many senior management positions in MNCs such as Infosys, Misys & Murex, Nityananda Rao,an alumni of INSEAD Business School, was struck by the idea of establishing AcTouch Technologies. Headquartered in Singapore with its development centre at Bangalore, AcTouch Technologies Private Limited has developed a range of SaaS products for a spectrum of industry verticals such as Manufacturing, Trading & Distributors and start-ups.

Since its inception in 2013,the company has been developing ERP solutions on the SaaS model for faster deployment and enhanced cost effectiveness.“We strongly believe that 80 percent of our ERP features normally fit any customer needs, but 20 percent has to be customized to meet each customer’s specific needs. AcTouch provides integrated solutions to SMEs with offerings of cloud ERP, Mobile Apps and API’s for e-commerce portals. This is where our SaaS application has succeeded, as it has the ability to customize and develop any new features”,states Nitya. The product enables businesses in managing their Sales Activities, Inventory management, Billing, Production, Planning, Accounting, and financial controls. By incorporating Activity Based Costing features (ABC)approach in its manufacturing process, AcTouch’s Cloud ERP effectively manages manufacturing subcontracting and Job work operations. AcTouch’s ERP solution caters complete business needs with GST and tax compliances.

While bringing down TCO to 50 percent compared to Traditional ERPs, AcTouch avails SMBs with periodic update of new features, functionalities and reports. In addition to this, AcTouch developed Mobile Apps to meet increasing demand of Sales Force
Automation(SFA)with configurations that allow companies to track sales team’s sales activities and improve its efficiency. The application further aims to mitigate the bottleneck of ‘Route Sales’ thereby ensuring enhanced customer service experience.

AcTouch’s APIs can connect to customer’s ecommerce portals and the solution processes their online orders directly. This seamless interface aid business owners to have their own ecommerce portals integrated with ERPs at backend.

AcTouch provides integrated solutions to SMEs with offerings of cloud ERP, Mobile Apps and API’s for e-commerce portals

“In summary,we offer a complete package for any Business around ERP and we can customize their needs,”says Nitya.

Helping Calibration Testing to Delivery
Calibration vendors frequently encounter problems of missing Customer specific test instructions and sending calibrated devices with wrong certificates. This leads to huge amount of rework, pain and time loss for both. Organizations often encounter a scenario where the Calibration certificates go missing or the Devices miss calibration due dates and leads to Quality Compliance issues. Troubleshooting these problems, AcTouch delivers “Calibration on Cloud”to Calibration vendors and large manufacturing companies maintaining the records of instruments and devices.

AcTouch Technologies has targeted a niche area in SaaS start ups attracting new customers for its Cloud ERP Solutions.Having earned customers with a turnover of up to USD 50 millions,the company is reaching out to more prospects across India. Along with India,AcTouch is working towards expanding its footprints in US and Middle East. The company intends to gain customer base across Tier 2 cities and emerge as one of the leading SaaS companies in India in terms of revenues in the years to come.