Gumption Labs: Minimizing the Impact of Financial Market Upheavals on Investors

Anuraag Saboo, Co-Founder & Director
Plagued by poor knowledge and a dearth of time, financial investors in India either fail to track their investments or end up with substandard biased advisory with lower returns. Additionally, despite the advancements in technology,a large section of existing financial advisors and distributors still rely on the traditional pen and paper approach or primitive technologies. As a result, advisors get caught up in transactional work for new investments, while quality personalized advisory remains reserved for the privileged HNIs.

Responding to the aforementioned challenges, Gumption Labs,a Financial Software Provider has developed an array of algorithm based SAAS solutions that empower brokers, advisors, and distributors to take optimum advantage of the growing opportunities in the financial in-vestment segment. The first offering from the Bengaluru based firm is, a Direct Equity Advisory Algorithmic Tools Platform which has been helping DIY traders and investors by mining humongous data generated from the stock market, helping them make more informed decisions. “Our solution has some thing for every one. Users without a trading or investment idea can use our technical dashboards to auto scan for opportunities. Those with a trading plan can use the powerful Algo screening software of TradersCock pit to auto scan live market and gain actionable insights. Finally, those yet to comprehend the rationale behind modern trading/investing algorithm can train themselves through the e-learning modules of Traders Cockpit " say Anuraag saboo,co-Founder and Director, Gumption Labs.

More Recently Gumption labs Launched Fund Expert. A robust solution that transform a normal financial institution into digital Robo advisor with in a short time fund expert enables users of a financial institution to transact manage and monitor
investments by seamlessly auto aggregating their investments throughout platfrom. Anuraag saboo also add that fund Expert later assesses th risk profile and financial goal followed by a periodic rebalancing of the investment. It further integrates roboadvisory customer - handling tracking of customer transactions and internal team management for the advisor. Users are benefitted with insigths into new prospective areas of investments.

Gumption Labs, a Financial Software Provider has developed an array of an algorithm based SAAS solutions that empower brokers, advisors, and distributors to take optimum advantage

with solution that touch the specific pain points of a highly volatile industry Gumption labs has carved out a niche in the market. Traders currently boast of over 90 thousand registered user since it went live in 2012 while FundExpert has been deployed in 4 leading financial institutions. What’s more, Gumption Labs goes beyond the purview of traditional financial advisors and addresses a plethora of other issues such as when to invest, redeem, and reinvest in a personalized fashion, while keeping the user investment trajectory and tax laws in mind. Availability of both solutions as White label platforms with easy integration capabilities with existing wealth management platforms only adds to firm’s strength.

Moving ahead, Gumption Labs plans to stay focused on delivering products and solutions which reduce the impact of unpredictability on its customer’s investments,enabling them to face such conditions effectively. The firm can be expected to soon embed the robotic personal financial advisory engine behind their solutions with AI and machine learning capabilities while also expanding their penetration in the market.