Mobijini: Digitizing Businesses with Innovative SaaS Solutions

(L-R)Vishal Saxena, Rakesh Tergundi and Avinash Aradhya Founding Team
The SaaS landscape has been witnessing newer approaches that are eliminating the former per user license model. Affordable TCO models that support per user charges, as well as enterprise licensing along with adherence to certain security standards, are driving the adoption trend of SaaS solutions amongst SMBs and enterprises alike.

Customers are on the lookout for vendors that can meet their demand of interoperability, scalability, integration with existing cloud-based or legacy systems and quick deployment with easy to use SaaS solutions.

Perfectly poised in this domain and exceeding customer expectations is Bangalore situated Bizmobile IT Solutions with their novel and all-encompassing Mobijini platform.

It is highly scalable and well suited to meet the needs of SMBs as well as large enterprises. Mobijini and their team of skilled experts are proud to have been awarded the CEBIT Innovation Award and represented India in CeBIT 2017 at Hanover, Germany.

Mobijini has solutions for many industry use cases:
• Distrbutor and Manufacturers who want to get orders via Apps and Websites
• Small, Medium and Large businesses looking for a way to manage Customers and Orders
• Enterprises with large number of service centers or field employees
• Startups having a idea for B2C or B2B use case
• Hospitals looking for a Mobile and Tab Enabled front end for their Ops while keeping existing Systems
• Web based E-Auctions for large projects
• Marketplace and Agrregator Apps
• mOnline and App based Catalogs
• Apps and Solutions for Tracking Vehicles, Devices, People, Assets
• Railjini: A computer app for the Bengaluru Suburban Railway users

The robust technology architecture enables re-usability and the flexibility to operate in varied preexisting IT environments with instant start and deployment coupled with self-service and offline capability.

Mobijini is highly scalable and well suited to meet the needs of SMBs as well as large enterprises

Mobijini caters to several industry verticals and have received a positive response due to their low app foot print that works on low priced devices with low cost of owner-ship for businesses. Fully customizable, some app deployments can be achieved in under an hour and can scale up to several hundred users.

OrderJini is designed to help companies go Digital and Mobile. It features end-to-end order management, Attendance, Task Management, Expense, Location Tracking, and Payment gateways.

The app provides robust analytics and reporting on and performance of the entire supply chain. Leveraging this feature was a large FMCG with more than 200 salespersons in the field. The use of the OrderJini App put an end to the manual processes and ensured that the fulfillment efficiency went up by more than 50 percent.

Staying abreast of trending technologies, the team is utilizing AI and predictive intelligence to provide insights to businesses using data.

This year the company intends to commercialize one of their most innovative products,AI Cart – Computer Vision based Artificial Intelligence Cart,a solution that enables a shopper to directly pick items off the shelf and HD cam-eras detect the items and add them to the shopper’s cart on an App.

The team is also rolling out OrderJini in regional languages, starting with Kannada and Tamil,to assist companies to digitize India’s billion users.