PAZO: Efficient Management of Routine Operations on Cloud-enabled Platform

(L-R) Zoeb Itarsiwala, Hasan Ali Kanba, Sharjeel Ahmed,
Co-Founder & CEO, Co-Founder & CMO, Co-Founder & CTO
The world is witnessing a growth trajectory in the implementation of Software as a Service(SaaS) solutions. Businesses adopt these solutions as it offers scalability, accessibility, quick deployment at an affordable cost while the complexity of the underlying IT infrastructure is handled by the SaaS vendor. As organizations transition to SaaS, customers are on the constant lookout for vendors that meet their requirements. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations, PAZO, based out of Bangalore, offers its integrated app that manages the entire routine operations of front-end and back-end teams like that of sales, marketing, cashiering, facility management, housekeeping, security guards and general administration in an organization. However, most vendors in this domain are either solely focused either on the front- end operations or on the back-end aspect thereby not servicing clients entirely. “Ours is a single app that unites the entire team onto the same platform enabling an organization at every level to communicate with each other in the right possible way and ensure that the activities are being fulfilled by every individual,” informs Hasan Ali Kanba, Co-founder at PAZO.

PAZO assists businesses in ensuring that their daily routine activities are carried out effortlessly to invest the time saved on other business processes. The cloud-based app automates the arduous pen and paper-based processes of checklists filing and issues/snags management. With a user friendly dashboard, businesses can avail a holistic view of the operations carried out at every level. PAZO extends its feature-rich app to
various businesses with their core features being checklist scheduling, issues management and delegation, work-shift management with location tracking and data driven communication. “The app offers a complete tamper proof way of doing an activity where in the employees can take pictures of the completed task which adds as a visual proof for the person who is reviewing it,” adds Hasan.

PAZO assists businesses in ensuring that their daily routine activities are carried out effortlessly to invest the time saved on other business processes

The GPS enabled software is currently being used at more than 150 locations in India and across countries like SriLanka, Kenya, and Dubai. Having worked with renowned multinational clientele the company envisions expanding their client base in the next financial year.

The company with their combined industry rich expertise and client feedback, at this point of time, know exactly what will create more impact and have accordingly geared themselves for the future. “Currently we are extensively working on the data analytics front where we are including a lot of layers of analytics to help organizations take effective business decisions,” reveals Sharjeel Co-founder at PAZO. Also there is a lot of work going on to integrate sensors with the product to automate a large number of processes.

“We are here to serve businesses which are driven on manual paper based processes and are effectively looking to automate them to achieve higher operational efficiency” concludes Zoeb, Co-founder at PAZO.