PKWebbS: Ensuring Seamless Integration of Existing Applications with SaaS Model

Prakash Narasimhan, Founder & CEO
The SaaS market is witnessing a rapid evolution as software products move from premise to a cloud-based model. Greater flexibility, better decision making, low risk, cost-effectiveness and escalation in the mobile workforce and customers are some of the benefits that are driving the trend of SaaS adoption mostly by MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises). Businesses have certain expectations from the solution provider like proper and complete migration of data, integration of SaaS applications with existing on-premise or stand alone applications, required customizations, user training and post implementation technical support. While there may be a gradual increase in the adoption, there are massive untapped regions due to the lack of solution providers that possess these combined capabilities. With a collective experience of 160 man years in this domain, Chennai headquartered PKWebbS facilitates businesses with their innovative requirement analysis model that assists the team in understanding every client’s unique requirements in detail and the micro level needs of the client are noted and addressed upon ensuring a smooth transition.

Founded in 2003 with awareness of most stakeholders’ lack of knowledge in this sector, PKWebbS starts out with helping clients understand the advantages of SaaS applications by way of explaining the shortfalls of their current on-premise or stand-alone applications, briefing the features and providing the ease of usage of existing SaaS application models. Enhancing the capabilities and competitiveness of MSMEs, the company’s skilled team of professionals ensure a seamless integration of SaaS applications with existing on-premise or stand alone applications with 24x7 efficient customer support
services.“Our technical team makes a thorough study on the client requirements and existing model and work on implementing the change and also travel along with our clients to integrate their existing on-premise/stand-alone applications, migrate data and train their entire team,”explains Prakash Narasimhan, Founder and CEO of PKWebbS.

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Majorly catering to the MSME sector, the company extends their services to this segment with their novel NicheCRM product where the SaaS application expertly monitors MSME’s sales force. The application assists enterprises to monitor and service the leads effectively, keeping a complete record of the communication carried out with the leads generated, transitioning of lead to client to account, all handled with ease. “Web-to-Lead capturing helps MSMEs reduce the time for initiating the communication with the captured lead,”informs Prakash. Carving a niche for themselves in this domain, PKWebbS works in tandem with the Make in India concept and plans to extend its services to Start-Ups and MSME clients which the company strongly believes is the future of the Indian economy. Continually riding the waves and staying abreast of trending technologies, the company is working on to strike the Start-Up/MSME market with yet another employee- centric,admin-friendly HR SaaS application that possess end-to-end capabilities and manages everything right from ad positioning on the company website to scrutinizing the applications received, interview scheduling, employee selection, attendance, payroll and so on.