Pureblu Technologies: Enabling Optimum Human Resource Optimization through a SaaS Platform

Ajit Panicker, Founder & CEO
Enterprises are placing their wagers on technology advancements to uncover best possible ways for the optimum utilization and effective management of resources, and improved operational capability. Interestingly, HVAC&R (Heating, Ventilation, AirConditioning and Refrigeration) industry abounds with a colossal number of MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) today; however, they remain incompetent in terms of IT solutions. Most often, they are confronted with grave challenges like inefficient management of technician resources, dearth of real-time data and increased cost etc. This is where Mumbai headquartered Pureblu Technologies Pvt. Ltd. steps forward with a SaaS platform named Pureblu. “We are the only company in India that offers SaaS solutions to bolster HVAC&R industry. Pureblu helps manage human resources and customer data in real-time, and empowers MSMEs to grow and manage their business efficiently at a very low cost,” unveils Ajit Panicker, Founder and CEO of Pureblu Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Essentially, Pureblu platform comprises of features that aid the air conditioning industry to manage technicians, AMC(Annual Maintenance Contract), customer complaints, retrofit /repair quotes and more. Above all, its easy-to-use dashboard allows uncomplicated data flow and helps strengthen HVA C&R business. “Pureblu's user interface is designed in such a way that users can understand and operate more easily, there by minimal training is required.

Also, we have an efficient back-office team that can help users fulfill their requirements remotely,” opines Ajit.

Pureblu's central goal is to help manage technician resources as well as handle customer complaints and AMC. Most importantly, the system supports the user to map job allocation and availability of technicians etc. Through its technician
app, all customer complaints are being sent to technicians based on their adroitness. For AMC, Pureblu helps users manage not only their customer records, but also history of machines. “Our system provides effective data to users that can help them understand when their existing customers require a replacement for their current air conditioners,” evinces Ajit. In addition, Pureblu plans to launch certified services soon to support B2B air-conditioning AMC business.

Manufacturers of air-conditioning systems can use Pureblu to manage their service dealer network across India through a single dashboard, thereby ensuring reliable services to the customers

Furthermore, Pureblu Technologies renders a service named Pureblu Prime to bolster businesses that are outspreaded across multiple locations in India. Pureblu Prime enables them to seamlessly manage their airconditioning facilities as well as multiple service providers. “Primarily, Pureblu Prime service has been launched to reinforce large chains with multiple locations in India and our service helps them attain and optimize vendors who use Pureblu system for airconditioning services. Its central dashboard renders them real-time status of their airconditioning services across various locations in India,” adds Ajit. OEM/Brands (Large Manufacturers of airconditioning systems) can use Pureblu to manage their service dealer network across India through a single dashboard, thereby ensuring reliable services to the customers.

Moving ahead, Pureblu Technologies envisages starting its Certified Services soon with an aim to reinforce not only B2B customers but also large organizations to deal with only one company for managing their airconditioning services across India.“We are also planning to launch a marketplace for airconditioning spares to facilitate efficient airconditioning services for our SaaS users,” winds up Ajit.