ShipDesk Solutions: Connecting e-Tailers to the Best Courier Partners

(L-R)Lipjo K Joseph, Co-Founder/Director & Sujay Krishna, Director
Thanks to the advancements in technology and the advent of digitalisation, the e-commerce industry has been experiencing unprecedented growth. Hand in hand with this growth, the e-commerce market is now starkly characterised by neck to neck competition with each player promising customers a unique experience. The shipping and logistics industry which now stands as the backbone of e-commerce industry is key in delivering this unique experience players often promise.

An emerging name in the shipping and logistics segment is Bengaluru based ShipDesk Solutions. Positioned as a technology enabler in the highly operation intensive logistics industry, ShipDesk Solutions has put forth SaaS(Software as a Service) based platform ShipDesk, which has been developed to connect the retail industry to the best courier partners. Throwing light on the challenges that ShipDesk is attempting to address, Lipjo K Joseph, Co-founder & Director, Shipdesk Solutions shares, “Most premium courier companies remain largely focused on enterprises. Consequently, small and medium online sellers do not get the right response to their needs. This gap is filled by Shipdesk by offering premium services at affordable prices.”

The Shipdesk platform provides online merchants with the freedom of connecting with the right courier partners for the shipment of different products by the merchant. With special focus on small and medium online sellers, Shipdesk helps them brand themselves through the shipping label. Designed keeping in view the growing demands of all powerful customers,the platform automates a number of processes, which in turn saves the merchant time and resources consumed in managing logistics.

The scope of returning products is one example amongst the several methods e-commerce players implement to enhance the customer’s experience. How ever, ShipDesk acknowledges that while refunding on returned orders due to delays, manual errors or wrong attempt might affect large players to some extent, its impact on small vendors can lead to substantial loss. As such, the Shipdesk platform has been incorporated with insights of ecommerce logistics. This helps merchants take better, more informed decisions on the selection of the courier partner, all the while avoiding all possibilities of errors. Ability to track shipments in transit along with automated communication on the status of the order and delivery keeps the buyers in the loop.

Shipdesk platform provides online merchants with the freedom of connecting with the right courier partners for the shipment of different products by the merchant

Highlighting features that makes the Shipdesk platform highly user friendly, Sujay Krishna, Director ShipDesk Solutions explains, “With Shipdesk’s single dashboard, merchants can create and execute orders, manage and track shipments of multiple courier partners with just a few clicks. Along with removing the headache of identifying the right courier partner, it also eliminates the pressure of handling complex software and hardware, operational issues of logistics.” Complete transparency in transaction, dedicated support and customised services for the unique requirements of the merchants further strengthens the platform.

Moving forward in the domain, ShipDesk Solutions plans to harness the power of machine learning to bring in more predictability into their platform. This is in response to the challenge of predictability of service levels which is yet another leading challenge in B2C logistics domain of India.