Volody: Leveraging SaaS Capabilities to Address Secretarial, Compliance and Legal Functions

Dinesh Sharma, Founder & CEO
As the integration of the Cloud across the globe increases, more and more software companies are looking to add SaaS capabilities to procure huge gains. Corroborating this is Gartner’s report which forecasts the Global SaaS market to double its revenue and reach USD 75 billion by 2020. However, in order to leverage the complete potential of SaaS, organizations need to overcome certain key challenges including those of finding the right support system to meet specific business requirements, designing a scalable infrastructure, overcoming time constraints, faulty integrations, cost and security concerns. Perfectly understanding these challenges and endeavoring to address them, Mumbai headquartered Volody steps forward as a Cloud-based company that leverages the power of SaaS to equip businesses with solutions for secretarial automation, compliance management, tax compliance, GST compliance and legal drafting software.

Since its inception in 2015, Volody has been committed to meeting the technology needs of businesses and corporate professionals, particularly CFOs, Chief Compliance Officers, General Counsels, Head Legal and Company Secretaries with an expansive suite of SaaS-based solutions. Designed to automate almost every part of the day to day running of business for these professionals, Volody’s portfolio of offerings includes solutions for Contract Lifecycle Management Software, Compliance Management Software, Litigation Management Software, Secretarial Automation Software, Business ERP, Legal Agreement Draft-ing, and Digital Board Meeting Software. “Vo lody is currently the only player in the country with a bouquet of SaaS products that cater to Secretarial, Compliance and Legal functions,” affirms Dinesh Sharma, Founder & CEO, Volody. “We work with CIOs, CFOs and the
General Counsel to make them aware of the benefits of automation through SaaS products and become a part of their journey to digitize their operations,” he goes on to add.

Volody is currently the only player in the country with a bouquet of SaaS products that cater to Secretarial, Compliance and Legal functions

While the finance function in an organization remains the key focus while implementing ERP, Secretarial, Compliance and Legal functions are also of dire importance and are not usually addressed by most solution providers. Acknowledging this need, Volody brings SaaS-based software for a number of functionalities, including Secretarial Automation, Compliance Management, Contract Lifecycle Management, Digital Meeting and Litigation Management,to name a few. Being the first of its kind in India, Volody's Secretarial Automation Software has been designed to help organizations automatically prepare corporate records including Agenda, Minutes, and Resolutions, while also providing a repository facility to keep all the secretarial records in an indexed form at a digitally centralized place. Furthermore, the company also caters to Compliance Management software that automates compliance through providing a dashboard of all compliances across different functions and locations and ensuring that no compliance goes unattended. Volody also provides Digital Meeting & Contract Management Software to equip businesses and legalfunctions with a centralized solution to handle Board Meetings and Legal Contract Drafting through technology.

While Volody has catered to a wide range of corporate functionalities over the years, the company intends to retain its primary focus in designing software for Legal, Compliance and Secretarial functions. With a number of new products under its wing, the company also hopes to incorporate AI and machine learning capabilities into its products to make them more intelligent and customer-friendly in the coming years.