Zerostack: Delivering a Public Cloud Experience with Private Cloud Control

David Greene,CEO and Board Member
The SaaS model of cloud service has grown in popularity and captured a large segment of the cloud market. Depending on their specific requirements, enterprises are opting for public or private cloud deployment. While the public cloud model takes care of the management of a cloud hosted solution,a private cloud model gives you more control over your data and security. Think about these two distinct benefits combined into one package. ZeroStack, based in Mountain View, California, offers a self-driving private cloud that delivers a public cloud experience with private cloud control. ZeroStack’s Ajay Gulati saw the need for a top-down, AWS like experience in an on premises cloud platform that could deliver the security, performance and control enterprises need. He started ZeroStack to achieve that and change how cloud is delivered, lowering costs for IT in the process.

ZeroStack's Intelligent Cloud Platform converts on-premises server clusters into a private cloud Infrastructure for the user and transforms the enterprise’s existing physical infrastructure into a hyper-converged, scale out system within minutes. It uses SaaS(web-based management) to automate provisioning, operation, and management of the on-premises cloud solution. On-premises cloud maintenance needs fall on the IT team. The main opportunity for web-based management is to cut enterprise datacenter costs while improving the efficiency of IT teams. Services offered through ZeroStack provide greatly reduced demand on in-house IT teams, making it favorable for the customers.

Commenting on the unique selling proposition of ZeroStack’s web-managed solutions, David Greene - CEO and Board Member says, “ZeroStack is positioned in the SaaS market as a company that leverages web based management to simplify IT infrastructure while enabling end users to self-provision resources.” The enterprise enables multitenant, multicloud, and containerized environments with a future-ready architecture.

Empowering IT teams with On-Premises Cloud Solution
companies are trying hard to catch up with a drastically changing market owing to the evolution of cloud services. The seamless integration and the increased capabilities of the computing process tend to woo the end consumers. As current observations reveal, the IT sector is incurring huge costs because end users are turning to public cloud platforms for compute and storage resource provisioning. IT is losing control over resources as end users go directly to public cloud. Additionally, IT is unable to respond quickly to internal DevOps teams and other users who want immediate access to applications and other resources. The users in need of immediate access to applications and other resources have to
face delay and suffer lags. It becomes imperative on IT to cut down costs and manage its resources efficiently.

A web managed private cloud service comes to the rescue. It reduces IT cost by up to 90 percent, delivering full IT control and enhancing the efficiency by 10 times com-pared to legacy IT infrastructure. ZeroStack’s web-managed private cloud can be deployed in less than 30 minutes on standard servers, and its self-healing features address common issues that come up during cloud operations. The ZeroStack private cloud compute, storage and networking resources are unified under one web interface, eliminating traditional infrastructure silos. It automatically manages, upgrades and provides resource planning assistance by monitoring hardware usage.

ZeroStack's Intelligent Cloud Platform converts on-premises server clusters into a private cloud infrastructure for the user and transforms the enterprise’s existing physical infrastructure into a hyper-converged, scale out system within minutes

Another impediment that ZeroStack solves for on premise IT personnel is making cloud operation easier. Now, deep cloud expertise is no more a requisite; ZeroStack’s private cloud can be operated by IT administrators with little cloud experience. The integrated App Store offers point and click provisioning of more than 20 development tools, giving DevOps teams immediate access to resources and significantly speeding the development process. “Our AppStore incorporates more than 20 blueprints that empower users with one click application deployments, and ZeroStack is continually adding new development tools and blueprints,” mentions Greene.

Roadmap for further Cloud Evolution
Talking about recent innovations, Greene explains two key features introduced by ZeroStack, ‘network sharing,’which streamlines provisioning of cloud services by allowing administrators to selectively share gold images of networks with other users, and ‘quota based billing,’which helps enterprises and MSPs ensure proper billing of resources to enable proper control and governance.

With technical leadership from VMware, the ZeroStack team uniquely understands the challenges of on-premises resource provisioning and is continually evolving its private cloud solution to offer the ultimate in efficiency, cost control, and business agility.

ZeroStack is all set to leverage the cloud computing technology to its full potential. The company has brought in more add on features to its existing Self Driving Cloud as well as its Cloud Innovation Partner program,and it envisions expanding its global partner ecosystem.