Diverse Infotech: Simplifying Business With End-To-End SAP Services

CIO Vendor New technology adoption is always a difficult task for small scale businesses due to lack of resources and implementation challenges. SMEs are facing numerous issues in technology implementations. All these issues can be solved with the help of industry 4.0. Leveraging the principles of Industry 4.0 and its enabling technologies to automate, integrate and optimize manufacturing processes, companies can shorten cycle times, improve product quality and implement efficiency across their operations, as well as grow the manufacturing of highly customized products on a global scale. Therefore, industrial companies are now in the process of realizing the importance of globally standardized, harmonized, and consolidated solutions, processes and system landscapes.

One such company that always provides globally standardized and consolidated solutions is SAP. The company has a longstanding reputation of being an open driver of innovation and collaboration. SAP with its in-memory database - SAP HANA is becoming the de facto standard for SAP application system databases. It promises to revamp SAP ERP landscapes from the ground up through SAP S/4HANA, the next generation business suite. SAP is innovating at an impressive pace, bringing about a paradigm shift in the realm of technology.

To help businesses transition into the digital era, Gurugram based company Diverse Infotech with its end-to-end SAP services supports organizations in their transition to SAP S/4HANA. The company’s flexible approach helps it to take a complete 360-degree view of the client’s SAP landscape. Moreover, with its in-depth expertise, Diverse Infotech also provides individual roadmaps to S/4HANA from business case design and high-level strategy to all sorts of technical service. Deployed on premise or in cloud, S/4HANA can drive instant value across diverse domains of business and industries. S/4HANA provides a platform bestsuited for the needs of a high-speed organization in an always-on, huge data-driven and digitally connected world.

Solutions Deployed Using Multi-Tenant Approach
SAP S/4HANA is available in the managed cloud, public cloud, and on-premise editions. However, public cloud or SaaS solutions have more restrictions when it comes to the source code-based extensions or user exits. SaaS solutions are deployed using a multi-tenant approach with a shared code base across all clients, which allows SaaS providers to quickly and frequently update the solution but complicates the implementation of client-specific source code changes.

To accommodate these three editions, SAP has defined a layered structure for solution extensions. Inapp extensions are similar to user exits and are executed inside the content of an app or transaction. Side-by-side extensions are stand-alone apps that are executed on the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) outside the context of an S/4HANA app. They are interfaced with S/4HANA using published APIs using OData or other frameworks.

Within the in-app extensions, SAP has defined three tiers that include key user extensibility, managed extensibility and classic extensibility. Key user extensibility is used to perform a limited set of changes and is compatible with the public cloud edition. Whereas, managed extensibility can be added to the managed cloud or on-premise edition for a fee and offers more ABAP features. The ABAP code will go through an approval process before being deployed to the managed cloud. These new approaches to extending S/4HANA are major milestones in defining a new roadmap for existing SAP Business Suite customers to S/4HANA.

Meeting Client Requirements With Technology Solutions
An enterprise can reinvent its business and drive innovation across its operations with emerging technologies such as SAP HANA, Fiori and BI/BW covering big data, social, analytics, and mobile. Diverse Infotech offers the scope and breadth of these technology solutions to meet the client’s specific requirements, whether it is a technical implementation or an enterprise-wide transformational change.

Breaking Down Barriers And Inefficiencies Across Sales
Organizations can align their business and IT strategies to achieve short and long-term benefits from their technology investments. SAP Fashion solutions such as FMS and S/4HANA Fashion provides comprehensive solution for fashion companies to break down barriers and inefficiencies across sales channels, increase speed of range introduction, and gain up-to-the minute visibility across all partners to expedite deliveries. Diverse Infotech’s market differentiating, digitally powered industry solutions offer fashion and lifestyle companies the capabilities to sustain and extend business improvements across the value chain. As the co-innovation partner, Diverse Infotech has been involved in SAP Fashion solution since its inception. With the highest number of SAP Fashion projects within the SAP ecosystem, the company has been providing its clients the best strategies for implementing and leveraging the SAP Fashion solution.

With the experience of over 70 percent of SAP fashion related global
projects to date, Diverse Infotech’s proof of concepts are designed to help clients understand the potential benefits of the solution, specific to the growing business needs. The company leverages its product expertise to develop the best possible strategy to minimize risks, aligning with the client’s long-term goals and making the implementation of the project predictable for a successful outcome. Also, Diverse Infotech helps its clients leverage SAP Fashion across their business units with end-to-end implementation services designed to help clients from project preparation to go-live and support within time and budget across geographies. Lastly, businesses can augment their SAP FMS environment with Diverse Infotech’s comprehensive list of post-deployment services right from day-to-day operations to more advanced application management services to efficiently and cost-effectively run global operations of the clients.

Inventory Visibility
According to a recent survey, more than 50 percent of retailers have said that inventory visibility across all channels was the most important omni-channel capability. Diverse Infotech through SAP S/4 HANA’s omni-channel visibility provides immediate inventory visibility across all channels including wholesale, retail and e-commerce for unprecedented insight into merchandise locations globally at any given time. It serves as a single platform to plan and execute omni-channel strategies such as order orchestration, order allocation and returns management to deliver products on how, when and where the customers want them. By leveraging in-built segmentation capabilities, one can define the channels and protect stock for specific channels, based on rules-based order allocation method, ensuring that the clients assign inventory to the right customer demand. SAP HANA technology with inmemory processing capabilities allows applications to run analytics directly on transactional data to respond in realtime.

Diverse infotech helps its clients leverage SAP fashion across their business units with end-to-end implementation services designed to help clients from project preparation to go-live and support within time and budget across geographies

Managing SAP Infrastructure And Applications
Restrictions on budget, IT resources, and time to effectively manage and maintain infrastructure and SAP applications can hinder business efficiency and meeting business goals. SAP managed services from Diverse Infotech offers a solution to manage the SAP infrastructure and applications of organizations in a secure and resilient environment with tailored SLAs. Diverse offers the ability to free up capital expenditure, allowing in-house IT resources to focus on delivering functionality to meet business needs. The company offers end-to-end service solutions that include 24X7 support services, ticket-based support and process support.

Web-Based Issue Tracking Tool
Diverse Infotech optimizes best practices by addressing processes, people, business drivers and technology to improve business values. Companies can handle issue and SLA management through Diverse Infotech’s internally developed web-based issue tracking tool. The company also provides access to a team of experienced business and SAP experts (COE) for any specialized support. Lastly, they also provide various support levels after implementation, roll-out services and functionality enhancement services and application up-gradation services.

“We provide a team of dedicated and highly skilled consultants with proven expertise to design and manage your infrastructure and SAP applications, ensuring that your IT environment is responsive and meets the requirements of your business,” says Meenal Grover, CEO, Diverse Infotech. “With more than 50 SAP clients, our reputation as a trusted advisor and partner is built on long-term, stable customer partnerships that allow businesses to engage with confidence,” he adds.

The Diverse Infotech team comprises young entrepreneurs, bringing in an international experience in technical, functional, business consulting and management, through which they are providing technology solution for all domains that address the complex business needs of clients. The company specializes in new SAP implementations, Application Maintenance and Support, Web Development, and Mobile Development. With this unique combination of domain knowledge and technology expertise, Diverse Infotech helps businesses meet their strategic goals.

This along with the company’s knowledge and quality management practices and effective problem solving techniques and development methodologies ensures the success of these projects. Diverse Infotech offers organizations the ability to free up capital expenditure, allowing in-house IT resources to focus on delivering functionality to meet the business needs. The company has won awards for its SAP implementation for Aditya Infotech (Brand CP Plus). Moving forward, Diverse Infotech is planning to expand its operations across the country.