GCR: Bringing Together ISVs and Channel Partners to Deliver Value to Enterprises

CIO Vendor The emergence of Software as a service (SaaS) model has completely altered the burdensome deployment process of traditional model, i.e. the standard software installation in the business environment. Furthermore, the preference of OPEX models over CapEx models, scalability and reliability, easy implementation of new releases (upgrades) and compatibility with any platform have been the key factors in the adoption of SaaS based applications. However, in spite of public cloud services offering a lot of benefits, failure to integrate SaaS tools with existing IT tools and software can negate its benefits and become a snag. Moreover, response time to resolve issues on the application through technical support is of crucial importance, wherein, all support channels namely online chat, helpdesk and email must be managed by trained personnel.

Proposing a one-window solution for all the aforementioned factors during the submission of RFP, GCR (Global Channel Resources) has been delivering digital transformation for enterprises and creating value by introducing the right ISV and integration partner to deliver an efficient SaaS application. Furthermore, identifying just the befitting solution and combining various solutions together in case of certain scenarios, GCR delivers a one-window solution for all the requirements of an enterprise. GCR offers a range of solutions – Analytics, ERP, Media Capture & Live Streaming, Web Meeting, AV Conferencing & TelePresence, Cross Vertical, Interactive Display & Virtual e-learning and many more - to the diverse industry space - Manufacturing, Retail, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Banking and Finance.

“In many a case, IoT solutions are clubbed with emerging technologies such as AI, ML and Blockchain, scoping the requirement, identifying a technology fit, conducting a POC and executing the solution is within our grasp,” adds Andy Neo, Director and CEO at GCR.
Securely Deploying an Efficient SaaS Solution
A SaaS Solution is considered effective when it is deployed securely. GCR has been very careful in analyzing various security measures, i.e. setting security policies and protocols, data encryption through a secure key management systems, data loss prevention mechanisms and most importantly data protection mechanisms.

We provide a platform that allows access to market data, conduct market assessments, digital marketing support and profile channel partners

Moreover, GCR offers solution which enables cloud data protection and enterprise mobility management, and also aids IT Teams in managing various endpoints - smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital signage, mPOS and rugged devices through a single console. Security patches can be uploaded to various devices from a central location, thus ensuring security of the devices 24/7.

Improving Operational Efficiency by Reducing Total Cost and Operating Expenses
Reducing operating expenses, total cost of ownership, improving operational efficiency and in most cases enhanced productivity and collaboration between teams, GCR has been catering to various spaces, such as Education Sector – Co-creating smart campuses by helping in setting-up of Learning Management Systems, Virtual classrooms, Interactive display boards, Digital notice boards, Learner safety and Tracking solutions, Hospitality Sector – Offering solutions, such as restaurant inventory management system, hotel security and asset management and many. Hotels and restaurants can invariably deliver a better experience to their guests.

“We believe that GCR is the ‘gateway to digital India’ for Technology Partners. We provide a platform that allows access to market data, conduct market assessments, digital marketing support and profile channel partners,” concludes Andy Neo.