eTravos: A One-stop Global Travel SaaS Platform

CIO Vendor It is undeniable that Software as a Service (SaaS) market is growing rapidly. In fact, based on a survey conducted by BetterCloud, 73 percent of organizations who responded said that at least 80 percent of their apps will be SaaS based by 2020.

Though the travel industry has evolved over the decades, there is not much innovation in this sector. People are not comfortable to invest in higher technology development and maintenance costs, buying high end servers and inventory from all markets. These are pain points which Bhargava Vangapally, Founder and Managing Director, i2Space Web Technologies Private Limited, addressed through eTravos SaaS product in 2015, which enables travel services within short time with a small monthly subscription cost.

“Our flagship platform – eTravos and its technology variants in the form of SaaS solutions are used by over 400+ customers, 6450 subagents in 10+ countries mapped with 100 + suppliers and wholesalers from global market. Today, eTravos is one of the top 5 fastest growing online ticket booking solutions in the SaaS space used by travel, hospitality, banking, ecommerce and government sectors,” says Bhargava. The solution mainly caters to Airlines, Accommodation, Car Rentals, Sightseeing, Airport Transfers, Land transport Buses, and Holiday Packages.

Robust architecture
eTravos has been built on robust architecture, high end infrastructure and extensive background mapping logics, and it is one of the first Indian products that introduced Single Sign Cross technology, Bring Your Own APIs and Extranet on SaaS Platform. “We came up with various business models like B2C - Business to Consumer, B2B - Business to Business, B2E - Business to Employee, B2G - Business to Government, A2A - Business (Agency to Agency), B2B2B - Business to Business to Business, and B2B2C - Business to Business to Consumer,” adds Bhargava. Its supplier network is spread across India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Russia, China, Australia, South
East Asia, Africa and the Middle East regions with 1000+ GDS & lcc airlines, 600k hotel properties.

eTravos, today is one of the top B2B travel inventory and SaaS consolidator services company that empowers travel business by providing travel technology solutions to Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Online Travel Agents, Corporates, Hotels and Travel Management Companies across the globe.

The way forward
eTravos strategy has worked well all the time with 15 to 17 percent growth since its inception, reaching milestones of 400+ customer base with a turnover of 4 Million USD and 100 thousand pnr's last financial year. “We successfully moved to Nepal, Bangladesh and Indonesia with flights and hotel services contracting to local lcc and gds companies. Understanding the current travel market, by next financial year, we are planning to onboard 2500 agencies to eTravos Saas platform to increase their sales and growth in their markets,” says Bhargava.

Today, eTravos is one of the top 5 fastest growing online ticket booking solutions in the SaaS space used by travel, hospitality, banking, ecommerce and government sectors

Observing the need for AI enabled Corporate Business SaaS Products for this industry, eTravos plans to launch an AI-powered SaaS platform aimed at simplifying business travel and expense management for corporates in this market.

“We recently onboarded reputed OTAs which can bring faster growth with 7 to 8 Million USD next financial year with our extensive plans to acquire travel customer base. Our target is to reach the South East Asia, Middle East and African countries by upgrading the product with localization and globalization, hiring overseas sales, marketing and operational team,” concludes Bhargava.