Logiciel Solutions: Aiding Businesses in Leveraging Domain Expertise, Skills, and Technology

SaaS Solutions have been undoubtedly aiding businesses to compete in today’s on-demand economy. Delivering a higher strategic value as compared to on-premise software deployments, SaaS with its diverse set of resources has been liberating businesses from maintaining complex software and hardware; thus, saving cost and more importantly freeing them to focus more on their core business objectives. However, a successful SaaS project means a fully customizable system with GDPR compliant database having zero-downtime deployment which enables integration with third-party API integrations.

Adept at providing these aforementioned necessities with a robust software development process, from the initial stage of understanding and planning to the post deployment maintenance, Logiciel Solutions based in Ludhiana, India is a full-service software development company that creates high-value web and mobile applications using agile methodology and on-demand technologies. “We have been focusing on the development of complex solutions that contribute to businesses’ success and help them in leveraging domain expertise, skills, and technology to develop great IT solutions,” highlights Prem Lal Sharma, Director, Logiciel.

Outcome Driven Engagement Model
Logiciel Solutions offers three engagement models namely Fixed Price – Commonly used model where project requirements are all freezed beforehand with written deadlines and pre-determined budgets, Hiring Dedicated Resources – In this model, organizations can choose and hire Logiciel Solutions’ skilled resources to work exclusively on their project; with no hardships of involving in processes like hiring, managing and addressing attrition issues, Hourly Billing – This model comes in handy if the requirements and scope of the project is not fixed but constantly evolving; Logiciel will assign people with a wide range of skill sets to work on the project and also change the composition of the team based on
various phases of the project. However, these models can be modified to make a hybrid model as per business’ requirements.

Business Productivity Platform Built for Contractors by Contractors
JobProgress is a SaaS based application for contractors that allows organizations to manage their entire business with estimating, invoicing, organizing, communicating and managing customers and jobs from any remote places, with the usability on Desktops and Mobile devices (Android and iOS platforms). It is a simple to learn and easy-to-use application with completely intuitive sales, marketing, and job management that helps in meeting one’s business goals.

We have been focusing on the development of complex solutions that contribute to businesses’ success and help them in leveraging domain expertise, skills, and technology to develop great IT solutions

Catering to the Specific Needs of Restaurant Owners
HappyDinings is a SaaS based website builder for restaurant owners to easily built modern, rich and responsive website with all the latest features – Food Management, Social Media & SEO, Event Management and many more, with third party API integrations. Also, there is no need for a web designer as everything is handled by Logiciel’s solution and servers. Moreover, it comes with an easy interface such as drag and drop and simple buttons, with completely automated mobile and search engine optimization.

“We have worked with startups, medium size agencies as well as established businesses from the United States, Canada and Europe in various industry verticals – Home Improvement Industry, Pharma, Real Estate, Travel & Hospitality, Healthcare & Fitness etc,” concludes Prem Lal Sharma.