Recaho Digital Private Limited: Making SaaS Simple and Intuitive for Easy Adoption and Efficient Use

Vinod Sonigara,
Managing Director

For small segment businesses, use of state of-the-art technology does not feature in their priority because of perceived higher cost of implementing any technology solution. SaaS based models have offered a feasible option replacing the in-house traditional IT infrastructure for SMEs, which has lowered their IT cost, provided scalability with ease of implementation. This however has not solved all the issues pertaining to the use of technology for SMEs. The existing pain point is around the technology adoption. The challenge is to get the users adapt to the technology easily and get the job done effectively. SMEs expect simplicity in the available software solution for efficient use, enabling better and easy control of their processes. Perfectly understanding the need of ‘ease of use’, Recaho Digital, providing SaaS based solutions built on AWS cloud to SMEs,has centered its effort on delivering best customer experience. Talking about the business’s positioning in SaaS segment, Vinod Sonigara, Managing Director says, “Adoption of technology is a key challenge in India, and keeping it simple and intuitive has helped us address the problem.”

The company helps businesses with technology intervention, improving the productivity and efficiency of business processes.

Customer Centric Solution for B2B and B2C segment
Currently, Recaho Digital is offering its SaaS based solution for two segments, B2C and B2B. For the B2B segment, the company has integrated
GPS based tracking for fleet, sales and delivery teams. The B2B Solution also helps bringing efficiency to the sales process and provides better control mechanisms. The solution ensures better control for payment collection and performance of field staff. For delivery sector, it helps ensure that order is delivered at the customer site and delivery time is correctly entered by matching with location. Keeping in mind the cost constraints of SMEs, the company has kept its pricing low and usage based.

" Adoption of technology is a key challenge in India, and keeping it simple and intuitive has helped us address the problem "

Recaho Digital offered its GPS based field solution to one of its clients in the FMCG sector. The solution helped the client track their vehicles and personnel on field enabling better control, and thus increasing their overall business productivity. With the GPS based field solution,the client saw a 20-30 percent improvement in the trip timings for its deliveries. The idle time and wastage reduced significantly. This earned Recaho Digital a good response from FMCG distribution businesses.

Similarly in the B2C segment, the company gets a lot of enquiries from small businesses that have local customers in specific segments like apparel, perfumes, food items etc. The businesses that are mostly run by women are also increasingly turning to online channels for expanding and growing their sales.

Scalability, High ROI and Multi-Tier Security
Server-less computing, which is at the core of their solution helps provide customer easy scalability as per the increasing demands. Analytical and Artificial Intelligence tools of the company ensure auto scaling as per real-time demand, maintaining a very high ROI. The company provides multi-tier security with encryption, safeguarding its client’s data.

For the coming years, the company aims to make world class features utilizing cutting edge technologies like AI/ML and helping customers improve sales and manage sales performance