Shipsy: Enabling End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility through a Predictive Analytics Platform

Soham Chokshi, Co-Founder

The logistics industry in India is undergoing a transformation with companies implementing a number of tools and technologies to better manage their supply chains. Since visibility is crucial to the success of any organization’s supply chain, there is a real need for solutions that would provide complete visibility over all the operations.

Catering to these needs, Gurugram headquartered Shipsy with its End-to-End Supply Chain Control Tower, provides realtime visibility over a company’s operations in real-time. Shipsy uses predictive analytics to predict potential problems and empowers exception monitoring in a very intuitive and user-friendly manner.

Shipsy’s Predictive Supply Chain Control Tower integrates data from the organizations’ ERP and all logistics onto one platform. The platform’s intuitive dashboards are coupled with a Voice Assistant that enables the Top level management to view the performance of their supply chains in real-time. It mainly focuses on delivering only those exceptions that the CXOs of an organization should look at.

This solution gets rid of the thousands of e-mails sent to the logistics vendors, to deliver exception based monitoring on both Android and iOS based app. The exception based monitoring systems on live TV tickers inform the on-ground managers exactly on which issue or shipment to
focus on. With its real-time integration with GPS, logistics service providers’ status updates, freight and rail tracking, it is easier to provide all the data to the logistics operation managers through a single screen.

“Shipsy aims to create platforms for data driven decision making with a vision of bringing visibility and operational efficiency to the Supply Chain Industry,” affirms Soham Chokshi, Co-Founder, Shipsy.

" Shipsy aims to create platforms for data driven decision making with a vision of bringing visibility and operational efficiency to the Supply Chain Industry "

Superior Customer Experiences
As meeting customer demands and providing superior service is one of the most important features of good logistics management, supply chains are focusing more on providing better user experiences to customers. Shipsy provides a delivery solution that helps in retaining customers by providing a superior user experience.

Shipsy’s delivery solution is builtspecifically to manage a large field force as well as to intelligently optimize the costs and time required to carry out deliveries. Coupled with a rider application, operations dashboard, customer booking and end customer tracking app – this solution allows organizations to start the intelligent delivery operations within just 48 hours.

Using Shipsy’s Delivery Management Solution, organizations can let their customers know when their order is out for delivery, the exact location of the consignments in realtime and the expected ETA. Shipsy’s intelligent app configuration engine enables configurability across vast use cases and is currently used by over 25,000 delivery riders all over the country.

Shipsy is also engaged with the leading OEMs to leverage the inbuilt telematics to create a network and is currently working on a number of interesting industry projects such as yard management solutions for OEMs to track their vehicles and ensure efficient dispatches.