Teknorix: Redefining the SaaS Product Experience

Bhavit Naik, CEO

To grow a great SaaS product company, while it is important to build a product which solves a real problem for a customer, it is equally important to provide good customer support to forge a trustworthy and long lasting relationship with customers. Customer happiness, engagement, loyalty and feedback are mainly influenced by support, more than any other business function. Unhappy customers quickly damage your reputation which is more harmful than customer churn due to a bad product.

With a thorough understanding of the business needs and customer expectations, Teknorix - a provider of global SaaS products has put its focus on the achieving excellence in product design and to address these voids in the global market. The company differentiates itself from the rest by providing the right balance of great product experience combined with excellent customer support.

Speaking about the company’s approach in product development, Bhavit Naik, Co-Founder & CEO of the company says, “While we work on building a simple, easy-to-use product with great user experience, we also provide fanatical customer support. Every single support query or request is handled with utmost care,leading to greater customer satisfaction.” Sharing an anecdote of one of their international client, Bhavit takes pride in his company’s product and the way it has brought about a massive change in the client’s business.

All in One Software for Recruitment
One of their first products "Jobsoid" is a cloud-based recruiting platform
for small and medium businesses and recruiting agencies. What initially emerged as an idea to solve the company’s own hiring problems, has evolved into a global product being used by over 2000 happy customers from 100+ countries across the globe.

" While we work on building a simple, easy-to-use product with great user experience, we also provide fanatical customer support "

“Our customers were instrumental in the growth of Jobsoid. Many of our features were built with ideas we gathered from customer requests. While we’ve been selective at accepting such requests, rejecting many which wouldn’t fit our product roadmap, we gained a deeper understanding of every customer problem. The end result of which was the evolution of a better product!” adds Bhavit.

Being used by hiring teams from small and medium business as well as recruiting agencies, Jobsoid aims at delivering a unified recruiting experience in a single product. For example, a recruiting agency does not have to look for a separate solution for its different needs. With the end-to-end solution, any recruiting agency can manage a sales CRM for better sales processes, get a sourcing tool and forge better relationships with their customers and candidates on a single platform. Jobsoid also helps to run marketing campaigns for recruitment. Recruiters can also screen their candidates on a video screening eliminating the need for phone screens and saves a great deal of time during the recruitment process.

With a team of creative and passionate professionals working towards making a name in the global SaaS market, this fast growing startup has very ambitious plans. “We dream of becoming a global SaaS leader with multiple products in a few years. We’ve planned our roadmap and are currently working on a couple of products to be launched very soon,” says Bhavit.

Being a fully bootstrapped startup having a strong vision of building nextgen products from India,Teknorix is paving itsway to establishing itself as a multi product brand in the long run.