TheHouseMonk: One-Stop Solution for Real Estate Asset and Property Management

Ajay Kumar & Balaji Varadharajan

In the real estate domain, asset and property management have multiple functions across different units like finance, maintenance, security, etc. which are vital to the smooth functioning and management of a business. These different functions need to work in tandem to provide for synchronized workflow catering to the needs of property management businesses. However, most of the software solutions available in the market are focused on single modules like accounting or communication, and as a result fail to provide a holistic solution for all business needs in one platform. Born out of this realization, TheHouseMonk has built a SaaS solution which integrates all requirements of the property management industry onto a single platform.

The software solution caters to the various needs of asset and property management through its multiple modules which go as accounts and finance management, facilities management, housekeeping, security services, asset management, gate and visitor management, and end-to-end communication system, enabling communication between the realestate builders and their customers.

In real estate businesses, most of the workforce is on field, and thus a desktop based solution doesn’t really add to the work productivity.Keeping this in mind, TheHouseMonk has designed the entire framework of the solution to provide a great mobile experience to its users on this platform.

Gaining Diverse Experience from Overseas Market
This Bangalore based company with a strong foothold in the Indian market has also established itself successfully in the overseas real estate market. TheHouseMonk already has a presence in Africa (South Africa and Ghana), Middle East (especially in UAE) and in South East Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia). The diverse overseas experience helps the company bring new and relevant innovations for its clients’ benefit. The innovative add-ons to the software solution have distinguished the company and helped it add value to the client’s business. Speaking of one such implementations that company did for Indian clients inspired from Singapore and Malaysian real estate businesses, Ajay Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO of the company tells, “Preventive Maintenance activity is one of the important activities for facility management companies which helps lay out a calendar for routine maintenance practice; however, it is not practiced in India. We deployed this feature for Indian clients and trained them to leverage it to the best of their capabilities.” Deployment of this feature provided key benefits to the clients helping them deliver better services to their end-customers while efficiently managing their team and resources.

" TheHouseMonk has built a SaaS solution which integrates all requirements of the property management industry onto a single platform"

Adding further Ajay says, “Everything we learn in other countries, we try to inculcate that in our product. It really helps a lot of our customers as we are gaining knowledge from some really big companies and developed economies and we are providing this expertise to the emerging economies.”

Further Technology Implementation
TheHouseMonk aims at providing 360 degree solution to its customers in real estate and property management domain. The company is working on IoT based solutions to make buildings ‘Smart’. The company is also enhancing its security and gate management offering along with facial recognition technology. Also, to optimize revenue and expenditure, the company is working on a feature for accounting and finance tool.