VTION: Providing the Music Industry with Reliable Consumer Behaviour Analytics Solution

Manoj Dawane, Founder & CEO

The media and entertainment industry is witnessing the rise of wideranging FM and OTT apps that has been brought about by the unprecedented growth of smartphone users, resulting in expansion of its audience base. A reliable, scalable, neutral measurement system, will help in understanding end consumers better and help to scale up revenues of FM and music OTT ecosystems from advertising. Also, content programming insights such that proper recommendations can be given to the user base is an important aspect of OTT industry operations. This can be effectively provided by VTION’s analytics. Providing further insight, Manoj Dawane - Founder & CEO, VTION shares, “The current process of research and insights involves a small sample size with the measurements done manually on a recall basis, which can be prone to errors.” In contrast, the solution put forth by VTION leverages passive data collection methodologies to deliver accurate results drawn from large digitally acquired samples.

Near real-time results
Based out of Gurugram, Haryana, VTION brings to the table an in deep understanding of the music ecosystem including expertise over measurability. Building upon this expertise, the company has innovated a unique SaaS based application that is set to transform how the music industry gauges the popularity of content and consumer preferences. The patent pending technological framework addresses media measurement on smartphones with current focus on broadcast radio, audio streaming and podcasting. “Our solution sits in the smartphone of a user and measures
accurately the song and the duration he/she has been listening to, over FM radio or the other installed OTT music apps. VTION is also equally capable of measuring music played that is stored in the phone memory for certain music players. Thus, the solution not only measures the duration and the music but also the source.”

" VTION brings to the table an in-deep understanding of the music ecosystem including expertise over measurability"

Ensuring complete privacy
While there are innumerable methods for measuring media, they have been criticised for breaching privacy. These methods have been often reported for ‘listening in’ through the microphone in the mobile device and recording everything that it hears. On top of this, if the users opt for headsets to listen to the music, these methods may fail to capture the associated data as the waves are no longer ambient. Consequently, reliability remains one of the chief concerns. What strongly distinguishes VTION is that it takes an app based approach. All processes are automated and hence, non tamperable and reliable. Being app based, VTION is highly scalable as well. Downloaded from Google Playstore, VTION works by taking the necessary permissions from the user, after which the data on music consumption is uploaded on the company’s servers which then analyse the data in near real-time. The reports are made available to the stakeholders via dashboards and reports to draw insights from. VTION’s cloud based analytical services and reports can also be customised as per the customer’s requirements. All types of data, including audio oriented media planning data can be derived almost instantly which again facilitates faster and accurate decision making.

VTION is built up of some of the brightest minds from different industries. The leadership team supporting Manoj also includes seasoned professionals such as Shailesh Varudkar, Head- Business Development & Growth, and Rajshree Dave, Head-Research & Analytics, each of whom brings in over two decades of experience. Shashank Mehta, Head Product Management brings in the technical and digital aspects of the business. At present, the company is in the final stages of deploying the solution in the FM and OTT music industry pan India.