XOXODAY: Team Happiness And Engagement Via Saas Commerce Platform

Manoj Agarwal, Co Founder

Today’s workforce is migrating towards a more digitized and mobile approach and appreciates technology driven tools. Organizations need to generate pragmatic use cases for digital tools that eliminate complexities of technology integration and optimize daily activities of each employee. This demands a strong focus on the capabilities, the mindset of the employee and alignment across the enterprise. Facing a similar scenario was well-renowned food delivery platform, Swiggy with 50000 delivery executives across 19 city operations that needed a solution that recognized, appreciated and propelled hard work and communication. Headquartered in Bangalore, Xoxoday leveraged its Xoxoday SaaS Enterprise Platform encompassing a comprehensive suite of features and tools to engage, communicate, and reward in a single platform. “Swiggy’s 19 city operations consisting of 50000 delivery executives are supported with a customized recognition and happiness program through our platform so as to recognise their delivery executives. The platform hosts their employee insurance, medical services, scholarship, personal loan in addition to the rewards and recognition process,” informs Manoj Agarwal, Co Founder, Xoxoday.

Bridging the communication gap between the organization and its employees and stake holders, the company facilitates its clients with three novel products, the first one being designed specifically for the team.

The Team Happiness product aims at crafting and nurturing happy
workplaces by individually and holistically managing the determinants of workplace happiness with a set of well-defined features. Purpose related features are utilized to seamlessly integrate Goal Setting, KRA, OKR, Metrics Tracking and the rest of the incentivization cycle. It enables strong feedback and quick implementation mechanisms. Empowerment related features are designed to offer Feedbacks, Peer to peer rewards and Budgeting. Motivation plays a critical role in employee performance and the platform is equipped with Motivation related features for Social appreciations, Transparency and real-time recognitions. Lastly, Collaboration is enabled through the Collaboration related features for the creation of work forums, tools to seek/give help through communities and user built discussion forums. These forums can be tailor-made at the user/user-admin level.

" Team Happiness Is An Area Which Is Vital To Any Company And Is Often Ignored. Our Platform Provides You With Tools That Can Help Teams Align, Empower, Motivate And Collaborate "

The second offering is a product where the Channel plat formputs an end to use of disparate management systems. It integrates channel monitoring and remuneration management efforts and streamlines communication to channel partners.

The third key offering is Storefront where stakeholders can integrate their team and channel rewards and recognition program with over thousands of experiences and gift vouchers

“Team happiness is an area which is vital to any company and is often ignored.Our platform provides you with tools that can help teams align, empower, motivate and collaborate,” adds Manoj.

While the Xoxoday products collectively meet and exceed employer requirement of catering to the satisfaction of its employees throughout the employee lifecycle, there is a continual research and development that the company is committed to.