Samatha Digital Solutions: Helping Msmes Grow With End-To-End SaaS Solution

CIO Vendor Today, the Indian MSME segment comprises more than 90 percent of the total number of enterprises spanning across the nation and is one of the major contributors to the economy. To continue to boost their productivity, MSMEs are increasingly implementing cloudbased solutions. The advantage of SaaS (software-as-a-service) is that it helps businesses gain a competitive advantage via cloud adoption. SaaS solutions’ implementations help businesses scale their operations and effectively oversee inventory management while keeping a tight leash on the IT cost, additional resources cost and infrastructure overheads. It also offers scalability, mobility, reliability and security. Observing this market to have displayed significant potential for growth, there has been an influx of vendors catering to this sector. However, while most vendors offer several SaaS solutions, they are all fragmented with focus on specific problem or technology verticals. In this highly competitive market, locating the appropriate solutions and technologies that possess the ability to optimize business processes, minimize cost and reduce time can prove to be an arduous task. MSMEs are on the lookout for end-to-end solution providers.

Having carved a niche for itself in the MSME sector is Samatha Digital Solutions, founded in 2016. The company offers solutions to multiple MSME pain-points under a single App eco-system, MyApp. “The breadth and depth of the pain-points solved, all in the same eco-system is our Unique Value Proposition. Competitors do offer several SaaS solutions, but they are all fragmented to specific problems or technologies. MyApp unifies the solutions to many problems under one umbrella, and that too at unbeatable pricing,” adds Chetan Chatra, Founder and Director at Samatha Digital Solutions. Chetan has spearheaded the MyApp innovation endto-end, from conception, fund-raising, creation, deployment to field operations.

Offering a 360 Degree View with Better Insights
Available on Android, Windows Desktop, Linux Desktop (through WINE – Windows Emulator), MyApp is a simple ready-to-use digital eco-system designed and developed for a Business, Association, Organization and Institution. Once associations are on board with MyApp, it can be leveraged as a robust and flexible communication platform. The communication capabilities embedded within the App cater to both members of the association and external players helping gain a captive audience to whom they can market their products and services. Associations are provided with the ability to also collect charges for providing such access. Giving a more holistic view of critical information, the executive committee of an association or project teams in professional and apartment associations can form a separate, self-contained group and share information amongst themselves. “In the lifecycle of short-lived projects or events, such separate Digital Space for collaboration eliminates chaos and brings clarity to the process and all stakeholders,” says Sudheesh Venkatesh, Chief People Officer at Azim Premji Foundation and Advisor at Samatha Digital Solutions.

Streamlining Operations and Policies
Perfectly understanding that the Human Resource structure and policies form the backbone of an enterprise in bringing clarity in operations and decision making, MyApp allows subscribing Enterprises to set up their org-chart, invite people into specific roles, setup communication, visibility, chain-of-command and other policies for each role, divide work-force into various teams, provision each team with its own private digital space and share information with the right audiences through messaging. The service is available in four subscription plans bundled with a myriad of features, which are highly customizable depending upon preferences, as per the size and painpoints of the organization. The basic subscription plan can be deployed at a minimal cost. The subscription can then be upgraded based on the specific needs of the organization, as the organization grows or is on the lookout for capabilities available in higher subscriptions. “MyApp back-end is Cloud-based and our deployment is designed to scale up as the load increases. So enterprises don’t have to worry about the availability and performance of MyApp services when the Enterprise grows. The scalability and security of the Cloud deployment will seamlessly handle the scale-up,” explains Dr Shyam Vasudeva Rao, Advisor at Samatha Digital Solutions.

Offering a One-stop-shop Solution
All in all, the innovative application has been engineered with a broad spectrum of capabilities such as digital marketing, org-chart, messaging, chat, feedback, ticketing, teams, tasks, cloud storage, administration,
configuration, push notifications and so on, with a secure cloud-based back-end.

Playing a key role in the digital marketing and content sector, MyApp has been equipped with a lightweight content creation tool. Making content creation and publishing a much easier process to handle, the team of experts at Samatha has significantly deskilled the content creation and publishing technologies, thus equipping anyone with basic word processing skills with the ability to easily create pages in MyApp. Also, office documents such as brochures, news releases, services, product manuals, and the likes, can be published through the Cloud Storage module so that customers/clients/partners/suppliers can download them for viewing, anywhere and anytime. Moreover, MyApp’s ‘surgical’ mass messaging aspect allows a Company to send notifications about such document releases to a precisely targeted audience. “The uniform user experience across all Ticketing Systems, controlled membership and Company-defined ticket forwarding policies give the Company a powerful tool to manage external and internal tasks and workflows. Separate Ticketing Systems may be set up for each project or team,” informs Chetan when questioned about the offering’s Ticketing System capability.

Assuring High Levels of Security
Another exciting feature by MyApp is that it has been deployed on Google Cloud Platform which uses the same technology used by Google itself. Putting any data security apprehensions that a customer may have at ease, the deployment of the app on the Google Cloud Platform offers superior levels of security, high availability servers, networking, network security, world-wide presence, and many more such capabilities. “Since MyApp handles all Google Cloud Platform related aspects for its back-end, our clients get all the benefits without having to invest any time or direct costs for the same. MyApp Cloud Storage gives the ability to save and share documents through the same back-end – so the data is saved behind the same security layers offered by the entire MyApp back-end,” adds Chetan.

In the lifecycle of short-lived projects or events, separate digital space for collaboration eliminates chaos and brings clarity to the process and all stakeholders

Progressing into the Future
The feature-rich app has made significant advancements in this domain and commands a rich market presence with its unique offerings and capabilities it has to offer. Gearing up for the future, the team is working on launching more Business and Commerce modules during the first quarter of 2020. Chetan concludes, “Support for iPhone and MacOS is in trials and is rolling out to production by February 2020. That gives MyApp a ubiquitous presence with coverage of 95 per cent Mobile Smartphones and 90 per cent of the Desktops! With empowerment of small businesses in mind, we will be rolling out Retail ERP, franchise management and eCommerce capabilities shortly.”

”Myapp unifies the solutions to many problems under one umbrella, and that too at unbeatable pricing”

Chetan M Chatra, Founder & Director has acquired vast experience over his 30-year career in IT as a technocrat and entrepreneur. His fervent belief in a tight ‘Quality Triangle’ has resulted in the creation of the MyApp SaaS platform. He is the Founder and Director of Samatha Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd, Centrium Technologies LLP and VITel Systems Pvt Ltd. He holds one granted US patent and also has been awarded Prof. Ramakrishna Memorial Award, 1988-89, IISc, Bangalore, for creating a Unixlike OS kernel from scratch.

”The breadth and depth of the pain-points solved, all in the same ecosystem is our unique value proposition”

Dr Shyam Vasudeva Rao, Advisor has taken several roles across various industry verticals which in turn has helped him hone his skills and gain deep industry experiences. He is the Founder & Director of Forus Health, Director at MYMO wireless, Technical Director at Maastricht University, Cofounder& Director of RenalyX health systems, eHealth enablers, Rx Digi Health Platform all in Bangalore. He has received several prestigious awards for his work accomplished across various fields. He has published more than 40 technical papers and filed more than 25 international patents with five US patent grants.

Dyamanagouda Patil, an Engineer involved since the beginning of MyApp opines “successful organizations always have a strong customer bonding and well-synchronized teams. These can be accomplished using MyApp. It is capable of providing A to Z solutions under one umbrella. Bottom line is MyApp is the place where the buck stops.”

Sudheesh Venkatesh, Chief People Officer at Azim Premji Foundation and Advisor is a highly accomplished individual and follows the responsibility of attracting great talent and developing people’s capability at the Azim Premji Foundation. In conjunction with this, he is the Regional President, South of the National HRD Network (2019-21) and serves on its National Board. He co-edited the NHRD journal on 'Education, Employability and Employment' and is often invited to speak on education and people matters.