AeroLeads: Delivering Robust Web-based Prospect Generation Software

CIO Vendor Today, B2B prospecting for sales has become even more crucial in getting highly potential contacts which need or can benefit from one’s product or service. As SaaS solutions for B2B Prospecting and finding emails/phone numbers for sales is a severely crowded field with numerous software coming up every day, the most important expectation that businesses have from a software provider is to aid them in generating crucial business data with a minimum amount of time and money spent.

Focusing exclusively on the quality while keeping the price at its minimum, AeroLeads, based in Bangalore, has been successfully aiding its clients with its robust web based Prospect Generation Software which not only helps in generating relevant prospects but also searches crucial Business details such as Emails and Phone numbers in a real-time basis. To deliver the optimum benefit of the AeroLeads’ software, they also provide complete chat, email and phone support to their clients, which is something only very few vendors are providing in the market, currently. The company has always aimed at maintaining its software standard by offering enterprise-level features at a much reasonable price. And to top it off, unlimited free support to users to get the best out of it is what makes them stand-out among its competition.

Aiding Clients with Real-time, Relevant Business Statistics
“We do offer one time payment options, monthly subscriptions as well as yearly subscriptions as we want to give users flexibility and no lock-in,” signifies Pushkar Gaikwad, Founder, AeroLeads. “With our approach, you get most updated data, and not only this, our software offers many features
to structure the emails and phone numbers and transfer it to CRMs like Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, Freshsales, etc., with a single click,” he adds.

Finding business emails of prospects
AeroLeads is one of the most powerful prospect technology software programs in the market. This software looks at diverse resources, data providers, statistics APIS, corporation websites etc., to search for the needed data. As most of the players today rely on existing databases or selling useruploaded data, AeroLeads searches across the web in real-time to find the required emails and phone numbers. The company believes in delivering just the needed features that are required by their clients’ business, hence, removes any features which are deemed useless. Their software has had numerous successful use cases across some of the giants in the world of business and has been serving with the same enterprise-level capabilities to help all its clients get the needed data for a successful business outcome. With industry rich expertise, AeroLeads team headed by Pushkar Gaiwad has been a guardian angel for its clients to drive value through the data collected to meet their exact needs.

Our software offers many features to structure the emails and phone numbers and transfer it to CRMs like Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, Freshsales, etc., with a single click

“We are also exploring some of the next-generation technologies such as AI and ML to further aid our clients in getting future-ready. There is another product in the pipeline which we are hoping to launch by the next quarter of this year (2020),” concludes Pushkar.