Ciphercode: Delivering Engaging Customer Experience Through Product Digitization

CIO Vendor With the influx of digital technologies, businesses are making a strategic shift towards digitization by deploying SaaS-based applications for establishing direct access with the end consumers.

Moreover, reaching out to niche customer segments by catering to individual customers with personalized services is another challenging thing for brands owing to lack of customized solutions that facilitates engaging customer interactions. This is where Ciphercode, a SaaS company specialized in product digitization comes into the picture, enabling consumer brands to digitize their products for engaging consumer experiences by offering highly secure and customizable solutions.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Ciphercode partners with clients to create long term value and help them influence consumer touchpoints with digitized customer interactions. Leveraging the experience of working with world-renowned companies and its expertise in Data Security, Cryptography, Analytics, ML, AI and Blockchain, Ciphercode provides customizable digitization solutions to brands and thus delivering value to brands and enhanced digital experiences to customers.

“Unconnected physical products when connected to the digital world through product digitization provide massive business opportunities to brands. We help brands digitize and transform products into connected digital media assets. We empower businesses to interact with customers with the dynamic brand messages and product stories for better customer engagement, traceability and Protection against Counterfiets,” informs Terugu Venkat, Founder & CEO, Ciphercode. Since every company, particularly the start-ups that cannot reach consumers with individual mobile applications, Ciphercode provides app-less services for such companies, helping them compete with other peers in the market. The company also provides SDK services for brands with customers that use mobile application.

Digitizing Unconnected Products
Brandwise, a flagship SaaS product from Ciphercode helps to digitize unconnected physical products, and connects them to the digital world to enable product authentication, Track ‘n’ Trace, and product promotion, thereby digitizing the brand’s business operations for improved productivity. Brandwise provides AI-based customer assistance along with actionable data insights to businesses for informed decision making. “Brandwise democratizes the brand and consumer engagement using technology. Brands can create product media content or content references, campaigns and surveys at Brandwise portal, then derive unique crypto blocks in the form of QR codes. Brandwise digitizes physical products by applying these unique codes on the products at scale. Every QR code becomes an interactive platform for curious consumer and an owned media channel for brands to derive insights for their business strategies,” explains Venkat about their proprietary product - Brandwise and the way it digitizes products.

Counterfeiting and Traceability are issues affecting Pharma, FMCG, Fashion industries and impacting the brand reputation and opportunity loss for enterprises. It also damages confidence of customers in the brand and undermines its credibility in the market. V Gaurishankar, COO at Ciphercode states Brandwise SaaS platform empowers the brands using
unique cryptoblocks to prevent counterfeiting. It also enables the brand to see the complete journey of the product across the value chain. With the element of sustainability making inroads, consumers can connect with the brands and participate in the reuse and recycle programs. Digitized content and engagement programs are exponentially environment friendly.

Enhancing Store Footfalls and LFLs in Retail
L2L growth and Store walk-ins have been the key growth drivers for Retail. It has also been one of the areas of challenge for all Brands. Ciphercode has curated quite a few Consumer Engagement campaigns through the Brandwise platform, which have enabled brands to have incremental growth in L2L, Customer acquisition, and increased the walk-ins. Gaurishankar also said, “One of our customers experienced multi-fold benefits - CAC lower by 40 percent, conversion improved by 30 percent and sales improved by more than 25 percent. In case of New Store Promotion, we have delivered over 70 percent conversion rate. These are metrics which the retail industry has not seen in the immediate past.”

Influencing Consumer Decision
Micro-moments are important touch points in product journey and it helps to increase the consumer's knowledge about the products and brand. Ciphercode enables brands to influence consumers’ decision at these micro-moments by providing personalized and relevant information. The company also delivers seamless Omni-channel experience to brands by connecting their products to the online stock. This empowers brick and mortar stores to turn into experience centres while optimizing the stock and enhancing the supply chain efficiency.

We empower businesses to interact with customers with the dynamic brand messages and product stories for better customer engagement, traceability and Protection against Counterfiets

Scan 2 win, one of a kind solution from Ciphercode enhances both online and offline store footfall and converts window shoppers to buyers with right marketing campaigns.

Currently, the company is working on developing a platform that interconnects the product and consumer journey, offering more influencing touch points to brands. The company is also working on adding new features to its solutions which bring celebrities and influencers endorsement to products in novel ways. “We are strengthening our sales, marketing and engineering talent, and actively looking for investment partners to expedite our journey to global market,” concludes Venkat.