Senpiper: Digitalizing multiple processes through a Unified integrated platform

According to a new IDC spending guide, worldwide spending on digital transformation will reach USD 2 trillion in 2022. For successfully implementing digital transformation, organizations are in inherent need of digitalizing each and every process. Furthermore, when these organizations would want to integrate their existing systems with the systems of their client or vendor companies, the digitalization process gets even more complicated as organizations cannot keep building custom applications for every digitalization, as any custom application that is being built requires 3 code bases. Therefore, if we were to digitalize 100 processes, then the developers must develop 300 code bases, which is completely unmanageable.

The powerful app server developed by Senpiper enables lightning fast digital transformation of internal enterprise processes

This is where Senpiper comes to the rescue of such organizations with its unified integrated platform. This powerful app server developed by Senpiper enables lightning fast digital transformation of internal enterprise processes. Through this platform organizations can digitalize hundreds of processes on a single instance. Senpiper’s integrated platform comprises mobile server, BPM module, analytics server and AI module, which enables launching of 100s of focused company branded apps with single back-end server for vendors, contractors and internal employees.

Rolling out 100s of workflow-based application on a single platform
User management plays a major role for administrators to manage user access to various IT resources such as systems, devices, applications, storage systems etc. “User management is one of the biggest challenges faced by the organizations today. For instance if one employee uses 10 applications, you need to create login ids for all ten applications, and also need to train the user on these applications. Therefore, we are addressing
this issue with our unified integrated platform that helps in rolling out 100s of workflow-based application within an enterprise ecosystem,” says Gaurav Sengar, Founder of Senpiper. “Moreover, it makes the process faster and doesn't open any security loophole within the ecosystem, making user management easy to handle,” he adds.

Developing simple to mid-level and complex processes on the go
Senpiper provides the biggest benefits to its clients in terms of cost, time and manageability. Digitizing every process on a single platform helps in cost saving as organizations need not keep creating additional infrastructure for each process. Since it is a low code development platform, most of the simple to mid-level and complex processes can be developed on the go, which helps in saving time as well.

The manageability of the solution is very easy as it is a single code based development platform and the lifetime cost of operating the processes on Senpiper platform is almost one tenth when compared to the other traditional solutions available in the market.

When compared to large platform providers, Senpipers provides cost effective solution and this is one of the major factors that differentiates the company from the rest. This platform is powerful and scalable enough to be used by teams for their day to day team operations, connecting to 100000 plus user points to company IT ecosystem.

Senpiper has worked for a few projects in the government sector and largemultinational corporations that include Adani Group, Procter&Gamble, Tata Steel, Sterlite Technologies etc. The company is also working with couple of other large consulting agencies as well.