Channelier: Efficiently Streamlining the Supply Ecosystem

CIO Vendor Channelier is a network platform that allows all types of businesses to register, set up their business on the platform, and connect with other businesses in their supply ecosystem. It supports manufacturers (brand owners), distribution intermediaries such as C&F, distributors, wholesalers as well as retailers and end consumers. The platform allows manufacturers/brands to list their products & prices, much like any other e-commerce platform. These products can then be used by all downstream connections for the brand to receive and place orders.

The platform facilitates some of the most exceptional features, which are Product MDM, Order Management, Inventory Management, Payment support, PoS support, logistics tracking, and messaging and vernacular language support. With Product MDM (Master Data Management), product data managed centrally by brands can be shared and reused by others. Retailers as well as other intermediaries registering on the system can select relevant products available with them, update inventory and take as well as place orders on e-commerce type catalogs. Under Order Management, the platform allows buyers to place and track orders using intuitive e-commerce catalogs. These orders are available for upstream sellers instantly for servicing.

All ordering & billing is GSTN compliant and can be plugged into the GSTN network on demand. Inventory Management allows automated inventory update and synchronization. At any given point in time, the platform gives an accurate inventory to the business owner while providing deep insights into demand and consumption patterns. The platform is already integrated with most of the leading payment gateways and can accept all forms of digital payments. At the same time, Point-of-sale (POS) Support is available via mobile phone applications. The platform with its API based architecture can also connect with existing point of sale devices.

Channelier can be used to track directly and report all delivery operations
using a simple mobile phone application that works on the cheapest of devices. Each of the participants in any company’s supply chain network can be communicated with SMS, Email, Web as well as in-app notifications. Not only that, the platform supports UTF-8 and allows configuration of the user interface in line with the user’s desired language.

Comprehensive solution for channel intermediaries
Speaking on the gaps that the modern day distribution solutions fail to address, and how Channelier bridges the same, Ankur Gupta, Co-founder says, “While the market is littered with many distribution solutions, most of these solutions cater mostly to sales automation only and fail to provide comprehensive solutions for channel intermediaries. At Channelier, our unique network model allows intermediaries to leverage marketing and IT strengths of brands to service their customers better.

Intermediaries can reuse and circulate marketing collateral, manage orders to suppliers and from buyers, even connect to preferred software of their choice for other activities (such as accounting) on one platform without being burdened by or being a burden on brands. Brands can connect to the Channelier grid via their own expensive software assets (SAP, Oracle) for orders, inventories while smaller intermediaries can connect their own systems (tally, busy) with equal ease”.

Channelier has earned considerable reputation in the market, with some going further to recommend the platform to their peers. Alkemi Decor is India’s largest custom Wall covering brand. Suresh Visvanathan from Alkemisaid, “We have seen a tremendous increase in the workforce efficiency with Channelier’s real time insights on field sales operations. I would recommend Channelier as a unified platform for the entire distribution network. Great level of commitment and support from the team!”

In the aftermath of the pandemic, brands as well as intermediaries need to redesign their operational models. Digital sales and marketing have suddenly become the need of the hour. Intermediaries can be marketed to and sold to over connected digital media, who can then place and process orders digitally, a lot more efficiently. In the near future, the Channelier team will work toward making these digital transitions much easier with its integrations and easy to use catalogues.