Datsy.io: Artificial Intelligence as a Service on Pay-Per-Use Model for SMBs and Midmarket businesses

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is becoming an increasingly viable choice for organizations searching for accessibility, functionality, and versatility in a highly competitive business environment. Thales data learning Pvt Ltd [TDL] aspires to become a leader in the artificial intelligence space. Established in 2019, TDL meets the market under the brand – Datsy.io, with suite of products providing AI as a service for the B2B segment.

"Our target is the CIOs and CXOs of mid/small catalogue based digital businesses (like ecommerce, e-learning, OTT). We are B2B service providers enabling digital businesses to convert their catalogue & app experience more personalized and engaging right to the level of individual customer behaviour pattern. Thereby driving increase in sales, retention and brand value.

We provide AI powered, Hyper-personalized product recommendations on SaaS model that delivers customer engagement, retention leading to delight, without any (cost/time/effort) overheads involved in establishing such intelligence. This creates a technology level field for SMBs(Small and Medium Businesses) to harness the power of AI and stand competitive in the market as against the global giants", stated Logesh Gajapathi, Founder & Director, Datsy.

Personalized SaaS Products and Services
In the current market scenario, every digital product or service needs an edge of intelligence to understand its customers better and provide personalized services. On the contrary, establishing an intelligence infrastructure will be a daunting task, with challenges ranging from high entry and exit barriers, high cost of ownership, skill set requirements, etc. Datsy steps-in to fill the gap between the need for intelligence enablement and overheads in implementing them by providing intelligence infrastructure as a managed service.

Datsy encompasses the needed AI mechanisms customized to specific use cases and delivered on a subscription model. Datsy’s flagship feature, “Suggest®” provides hyper-personalized product/catalog suggestions based on user's consumption patterns. Suggest is AI-powered and enables the digital business to enhance every other customer touchpoint experience to be more personalized and engaging.

Most market makers either, offer customers to use their platform to build
something on their own (Platform only Providers) or take a one size fits all approach (Generic Use case solution providers). This makes businesses spend excessively out of their pocket and lose the unique experience they want to deliver to their end users.

Datsy on the other hand cuts across these two dimensions to bring in platform capabilities customized to individual business use cases to be consumed as a product on a SaaS model.

This provides customers with both, the freedom of a platform and the convenience of a product in a subscription model. More importantly, each business can deliver its unique customer engagement use-case at the comfort of SaaS.

Datsy can enable personalized digital experience across business domains and at each customer touch point. i.e for an e-commerce application, Datsy integration enables personalized experience from login all the way to checkout and beyond, whereby increasing average revenue per user. The same applies to an OTT or eLearning platform as well with increase in content consumption rate and customer retention rate.

Datsy's mission is to enable a technology level play to SMBs by bringing advanced technologies like AI/ML as an affordable & accessible product. This includes multiple product lines delivered on SaaS, such as recommendations, predictions, classifiers, NLPs, etc., to enable AI-driven value delivery across the customers' end-to-end business life cycle. The company provides professional services and consulting as offerings, which in turn allows their product to adoption.

Datsy is well supported by the industry eco system, from customers, to investors to mentors and incubators as a proof of value. Also, Datsy is actively sourcing for funds to spark growth in this direction.