Kapittx: Revenue Focused Functions Orchestrating Real Time Accounts Receivable

CIO Vendor Globally, the size of the SaaS market, which stood at $100 billion in 2019, is growing at 22.6 per cent CAGR, according to a recent NASSCOM report. The report also states that the domestic market for SaaS India is likely to expand 6x to $13-15 billion by 2025. COVID-19 has provided unending opportunities for SaaS innovation. Enterprise and small & medium-sized businesses (SMB), who were planning their digital transformation journey as a long-term, phased approach, were plunged into this shift overnight, which has certainly benefited them. SaaS has definitely been a silver lining as a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Kapittxis an innovative Accounts Receivable Platform working towards bringing a big change inthe way receivables are managed. Companies deal with invoice disputes, partial payments, payments on hold, unreconciled payments, customers who ask for supporting documents, payments stuck due to incomplete tasks and much more. Using the analytics capability of the platform, the company segments the customers by simplifying the clutter, map customers and invoices basis payer behavior and status enabling companies to serve their customers with appropriate communication and incentives to encourage faster payments. The SaaS platform provides real time Receivables Forecast and Analytics for companies to gain insights into customer behavior and get paid faster.

The platform facilitates cross-functional collaboration within companies and customers enabling timely payments from clients.

Moreover, with Kapittx platform, companies enjoy easy-to-use interface, actionable dashboards, seamless integration with billing software, bank statements and the company’s email systems, transforming the finance and sales teams into revenue focused functions by reducing Days Sales Outstanding by 25%. Kapittx as a platform is highly flexible serving diverse industries across Manufacturing, Healthcare, Electronics, Business Services, ITES, FMCG & Modern Trade and others. Kapittx is built around the user’s business and aims to boost rather than disrupt current processes.

25% improvement in DSO
Money collection has been a constant source of pain for us as the uncertainty impacts cash flow. We have seen a 25% improvement in Days
Sales Outstanding (DSO). Kapittx gives us a consistent view across sales, delivery, finance and executive management teams providing transparency, accountability and ownership of receivables, enabling us to collect faster. The implementation was extremely quick and simple and the user-interface is very intuitive making it easy for senior executives to review collection status with sales teams,” says Ramesh Narasimhan, CEO Ingenico e-Payments, India.

Two_Click Mantra
The platform has three main features i.e. Review, Collaboration and Payment Reconciliation. Kapittx has seamless integrations with the existing billing and accounting systems, which will quickly take the user to an actionable item in two clicks. It is intuitive, easy-to-use and designed keeping adoption in mind.

Additionally, with automated payment reminder communication to the customers, Kapittx puts collections on an autopilot mode, so software is doing all the work automatically behind the scene. When it comes to disputes, rejections or invoices on-hold, all need resolution and the key to resolution is effective collaboration between Finance and customer-facing teams. The software allows staying focused on pending tasks, previous communications history and important notes that have clear impact on getting faster payment.

Robust Payment Reconciliation Feature Reducing the Manual Effort
Kapittx also has a powerful reconciliation engine to reduce manual effort and minimize revenue leakage. This feature enables users to apply funds from various sources, using configurable rules and greatly reduces the manual effort to sight and apply funds.

“Kapittx is looking forward to use AI & ML to power the SaaS platform. By re-writing the operating system for Accounts Receivables management, we want to work with enterprise customers to make a difference and unlock cash sitting in their own balance sheet” concludes Kumar Karpe.