LexComply: Fabricating Compliance Solutions to Solve Multitudinous Business Intricacies

CIO Vendor Every year, new directives and regulations are adding complexity to compliance operations across all industries. Organizations are enormously adopting compliance in their business for managing regulatory breaches and control failures. Compliance management solution is a must for establishments striving to balance risk & governance when working to comply with ever-evolving regulatory environments. Excessive manual rules can limit the agility enterprises need to compete, while too much threat can harm the reputation of an organization. Enforcing compliance not only helps in establishments but also prevents & detects violations of rules and protects the entity from penalties which is critical in shaping an ethical corporate culture, especially when they're scattered across the country and at times across the globe.

LexComply, established in 2015 is a strong technology-driven Compliance Management solution platform with the experience of advising 500+ corporate clients spanned over 18+ years PAN India for corporate Law compliances, M&A, VC Funding, and many more. The company provides eGRC tools like Compliance Management, Litigation Management, Contract Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Audit Management, and Secretarial Management that help organizations in optimizing & regulating their business process.

LexComply focuses on the quality of the service as well as the ability of the team to go above and beyond to help each customer and provide them with the best experience. Further, LexComply provides excel & email-based reporting, dynamic reporting, and the library of acts & compliances which is the most comprehensive in the industry. The company has invested a lot of energy in creating a partner network of fellow professionals which is helping the company in reaching out to potential customers.

Moreover, the strength of the company lies in the Content and implementation team which comprises CA, CS, Lawyers, and consultants, who make sure that every update and change are delivered to the
customers’ dashboard or mailbox on time. The company offers the enterprise the ability and flexibility to customize the tools as per their requirement.

LexComply’s offerings not only include the flagship tool which is Compliance Management Solution but also other tools like Litigation Management, Contract Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Audit Management, Secretarial Management which is a must for any enterprise as these tools help organizations in optimizing & regulating their business process.

Ease of use
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is one of the most potentially profitable niches around today, sought after due to its inherent scalability as well as its relative ease of approach. SaaS can provide numerous advantages for businesses, primarily in costs, flexibility, scalability, integration, and enhance security. However, the most important aspect of SaaS offerings is the ease of use without any human involvement.

Currently, LexComply is launching Advisory portals (lexbuddy.com) on the SaaS model and is planning to roll all the tools on the SaaS model in the next 12 months. LexComply perfectly understands that large enterprises would need services because of the complexity involved in their business, due to which the company will have SaaS & service models available depending on the need of the organizations.

“2020 was tough for all, however, we are fortunate to have the support of our customers & practicing professionals, who have referred us to multiple opportunities that have helped us sustain and be relevant in this market. During that period, we have revisited our future roadmap considering the COVID scenario, where work from home is the new normal and that's why we have decided to fast forward our plan to offer SaaS-based offerings for all our tools in the next 12 months.

Currently, all our offerings are business to business (B2B), but from this month onwards, we are ready to delight our customers with business-to-consumer (B2C) offerings at lexbuddy.com (Self-service Advisory portal for professional). Off late, we are also getting requests from our customers to manage their international compliances and we are working to become a one-stop-shop for them,” concludes Gaurav Jain, Founder at LexComply.